During story mode details stages have an target which will certainly ensure a details officer will live with a suggest they would usually be unavailable and details stages to it is in unlocked. It is encourage to use Beginner difficulty for obtaining the stars because of the long dialogue length and also have understanding of utilizing Battlefield information to look for officer positions. Extra levels and also Cyclone-elemental weapon space not required, however will it is in helpful.

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Wei Star Objectives

Stage 1 - Escape from Luoyang

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Defeat Lu Bu prior to reaching the to escape point.Changes Lu Bu"s dialogue versus players personality at battle of Hulao Gate.

This target can"t be excellent on the an initial playthrough uneven you have actually a super an effective weapon come one shooting him. If you are quick with retreating from that he will lose interest as soon as you reach the Ballista maintain area where Chen Gong is at, defeat him before you reach that point.

Stage 4 - fight of Xu Province

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Defeat Tao Qian before he escapes the battle.Unlocks fight of Puyang.

Battle the Xu Province

This target is hard. Equipping a Man-affinity weapon can help stalling Tao Qian. Describe the map to usage the following waypoints:

Equip a Man-affinity weapon.Destroy the boulder devices.When entering the forest and Guo Jia will certainly ask for you to scout, take the darkened path on the map marked 1 and 2. Loss Yin Li in ~ 2.From this point, conserve musou and only usage it to sprint.Tao Qian will call the ambush troops. Xu district Castle southern Gate will open.Defeat Lu You and Cao Bao at 3. Shot to defeat them during all the long dialogue.Tao Qian will set fire, just then the southerly Room West gate at 4 will certainly open. This is wherein the chase begins. By this point, Tao Qian will most most likely at TQ.Sprint come 5 and defeat Mi Zhu.Go come 6 and defeat Cheng Deng and also Kong Rong.With minimum time invested on death all foe officers, Tao Qian deserve to be beat at 7.Upon getting to 8, Tao Qian will certainly most likely be close to Liu Bei. If Liu Bei greets Tao Qian, there is tho a few seconds to complete him off. Defeat Tao Qian at 8.

Stage 6 - fight of Wan Castle

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Rescue Cao Ang and also Cao Anmin.Enables Cao Ang and Cao Anmin to show up in future battles.
Failing to rescue Cao Ang and Cao Anmin.Unlocks fight of Xiapi.
Helping Dian Wei survive.Enables Dian Wei to show up in future battles.

This is the only stage in the entire game that must be played twice to accomplish all objectives. Failing to rescue Cao Ang and Cao Anmin can be easily accomplished by heading directly to the opened up castle door after defeating Zhang Xian.

It is encourage to play together Dian Wei to rescue them and also to make sure he survives the battle. Carry out not leave the castle once you defeat Zhang Xian damage the ballista nearby and do your method around the east to save both Cao Ang and also Cao Anmin, rescuing castle will assist Dian Wei endure after battle.

Stage 8 - fight of Mt. Bailang

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Escort Guo Jia come safety.Enables Guo Jia to appear in future battles.

Follow the battle normally till the stimulate to separation the forces is given, if play as Zhang Liao you will going the same route Guo Jia will certainly go i m sorry is the East, simply go ahead of him to ensure his safety, if no playing as Zhang Liao follow Guo Jia"s path to keep him safe.

Stage 9 - battle of Xinye

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Defeat Xu Shu before rescuing Cao Ren.Enables Xu Shu to appear in future battles.

Jia Xu will overview you with the Eight Gates formation follow his orders exactly. As soon as you with the allude where going north will lead to Cao Ren disregard it and keep going till you obtain to the intersection causing the south exit and also defeat Xu Shu, then conserve Cao Ren.

Stage 10 - fight of Chibi

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Complete every star objective of vault stages.Enables Guo Jia to appear unlocking the theoretical route.

Have every objectives complete when you reach this suggest in the story and talk to Guo Jia for the hypothetical route.

Historical phase 13 - fight of Mt. Dingjun

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Defeat Huang Zhong before he records Mt. Tiandang.Enables Xiahou Yuan to appear in future battles.

Huang Zhong will appear after the attack on the key camp by Zhang Bao, Ma Dai and Zhao Yun. Using characters other 보다 Xiahou Yuan will an outcome in the intercepting Huang Zhong. This substantially slows Huang Zhong"s progress.

Allowing Huang Zhong to take it Mt. Tiandang will create a different event. Take note that if the moral bar leans toward Wei, Huang Zhong has actually a possibility to fail to catching Mt. Tiandang.

Historical stage 14 - battle of pan Castle

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Rescue Pang De before he retreats.Effects ending cutscene after ~ the battle.

Pang De will be fairly safe until Shu plan to usage a flood strike which is as soon as he will certainly be in danger, rescue him before he gets defeated.

Hypothetical stage 11 - campaign for Jian Ye

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Force 5 supporters to surrender.Prevents reinforcements from arriving in Uprising in Xuchang.

Very straightforward. Simply defeat every Wu policemans in the castle before defeating sunlight Quan.

Wu Star Objectives

Stage 1 - Escape native Luoyang

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Defeat Lu Gong before he will the escape point.Unlocks battle of Liang district and allows Sun Jian to show up in later on battles.

Follow the instructions until sunlight Jian to provides the signal to strike the lock from side. Make sure you are at the eastern gate before it"s open up to have the best feasible amount that time to sirloin Zhang Hu to lower the bridge and also catch as much as Lu Gong prior to he can start his retreat.

Stage 3 - The tiny Conqueror in Peril

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Defeat Xiahou Dun and also Gan Ji before reaching the to escape point.Unlocks defeat Gan Ji.

This can only be done after the occasion where sunlight Ce is wounded, this is ideal done together either sunlight Quan or Zhou Tai. Immediately go to the basic in the peak left defeating Cao Ren to open up the door then loss Xiahou Dun inside, afterward backtrack come where sun Ce gained injured and also defeat Gan Ji.

Stage 3X - loss Gan Ji

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Destroy the resource of Gan Ji"s sorcery.Enables sun Ce to appear in later battles.

When the two pressures join up close to the Throne room after a fire strike head to the room in the Northwest edge outside of the castle to ruin the urn.

Stage 5 - fight of Nanjun

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Successfully completing the decoy strategy.Enables Zhou Yu to appear in later battles.

The difficulty depends top top if you use Zhou Yu or Lu Meng/Lu Su

Zhou Yu

You will be the decoy in the area in former of the base where Zhou Yu obtained shot through an arrow, stay there until Lu Meng/Lu Su do their way around back to prepare the surprise strike by transporting a fake message Li Dian will fall for, defeat him. Following follow Lu Meng/Lu Su to the East but when lock jump down the bridge execute not follow and also keep going until you acquire to a huge tower base that you must destroy. After damaging it go into the significant base and also defeat the officer to taunt Xiahou Yuan and Zhang He come fight him, loss them.

Stage 6 - fight of Jing Province

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Leading Lu Su to Jing district Castle.Enables Lu Su to show up in later on battles.

It is recommended to play as Lu Su since the AI will take too long to with the castle in time.

Stage 7 - battle of Hefei

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Complete all star objective of previous stages.Enables Zhou Yu to show up unlocking the theoretical route.

Have all objectives complete when you with this suggest in the story and also talk to Zhou Yu for the hypothetical route.

Stage 9 - battle of fan Castle

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Prevent Lu Meng from maintain injuries.Enables Lu Meng to show up in later on battles.

This deserve to only be completed by play as Lu Meng since the AI will normally take the Southern route which will kill Lu Meng at the end of the battle.

At the begin of the fight Fushi Ren and Mi Fang will begin retreating, make sure you defeat them straightaway. By doing so this will make lock defect to your side i beg your pardon can carry out and present you the safe entry come Guan Yu"s camp. Follow every one of the objectives correctly consisting of to prevent the overwhelming attack. ~ doing castle Fushi Ren will start talking around entering the Northern part of the enntrance gate to Guan Yu"s camp.

Historical phase 10 - battle of Yiling

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Ensure Gan Ning"s survival and defeat Shamoke.Unlocks battle of Guangling and allows Gan Ning to appear in later on battles.

Follow missions usually until Gan Ning asks if he has no distinct order given to him and starts wandering, follow him closely. He will be locked in a base and Shamoke will certainly appear, loss Shamoke to conserve him. Take note that also with high morale, Gan Ning will certainly (surprisingly) dice if that fights alone.

Hypothetical stage 8 - search at Shouchun

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Defeating Zhang Liao prior to Ding Feng deserve to be isolated.Enables Ding Feng to show up in later on battles.

Stay with Ding Feng the entire time, Jia Xu will eventually strike the main camp neglect it. When someone talks about suspicious activity defeat the adversary officers the jump down from the cliff. After beating some Zhang Liao will open up the lock gates and also make his way towards Ding Feng, loss him.

Hypothetical phase 9 - Defense the Jiangxia

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Protecting the defensive lines.Unlocks assault at Xinye.

Rush come Guan Yu and also Zhang Fei"s position and defeat them, after a cutscene Wang Yi will appear near girlfriend in the West loss her, this counts together the West next defended. Immediately go to the east garrisons and defeat Xu Huang this will count as the east side defended. Head to Xiahou Dun"s position and also defeat all officers in his area, this will certainly count as the center defended.

Hypothetical phase 9X - attack at Xinye

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Quickly breaking through the battlefield.Enables Xiaoqiao to appear in later battles.

This is really easy to star, mostly defeat every officer that appears quickly.

Shu Star Objectives

Stage 1 - Yellow Turban Rebellion

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Rescue the peasants.Enables Zhang Jiao to appear in later battles.

The area in the center of the map will have actually peasants calling because that help, there room three point out they deserve to spawn at. Just simply defeat the troops roughly them prior to you loss Zhang Jiao.

Stage 3 - Defense the Xu Province

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Defeat the retreating enemies.Effects the fight of fan Castle.
Do no defeat the retreating enemies.Unlocks Disturbance in ~ Guandu.

For this objective it is finest to play together Zhang Fei as result of his missions leading him come the boulder devices. Carry out not defeat any kind of of the police officers in the Southwest various other than Li Dian before Guo Jia orders them to retreat or the won"t count, you will not acquire cutscene as soon as you end up the stage once done correctly. The is finest to run to the exit point on the West next to catch the nearest police officers first.

Stage 6 - fight of Chibi

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Find Xu Shu after ~ the fire strike succeeds.Enables Xu Shu to appear in later battles.

After the fire assault works Xu Shu will be located in the North delivery areas, you have the right to see his location in the unit info. He has no lifebar so friend can"t pains him.

Stage 7 - fight of Chengdu

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Ensure Pang Tong"s survive by uncovering Zhang Ren"s ambush.Enables Pang Tong to show up in later on battles.

In the base Qiao Zhou is in ~ you will an alert a black square ~ above the appropriate side of it, despite not presented on the map this is wherein Zhang Ren will certainly be at waiting to ambush Pang Tong through archers. Defeat him before Pang Tong move to wherein they would certainly ambush him. If playing as Pang Tong go there and defeat Zhang Ren prior to making your means around the back.

Stage 8 - battle of Mt. Dingjun

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Defeat Cao Xiu.Affects fight of fan Castle.

Very simple objective.

Stage 9 - battle of pan Castle

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Complete all star objective of vault stages.Enables Xu Shu to show up unlocking the theoretical route.

Have all objectives finish when you reach this point in the story and talk come Xu Shu for the hypothetical route.

Historical stage 12 - fight of Jieting

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Rescue Ma Su prior to he it s okay trapped.Unlocks fight of Chencang.

To rescue Ma Su you have to save Liao Hua, Gao Xiang, and also Xiang Lang before activating Cao Hong"s ambush.

Historical stage 12X - fight of Chencang

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Ensure Zhang Bao"s survival by uncovering the ambush.Prevents Zhang Bao"s death scene native occurring.

For this you have to play as Zhang Bao otherwise the AI will run straight into the ambush. Complete all objectives normally until you get to storm the castle, perform not go straight forward right into the little room with 4 doors together it will certainly kill Zhang Bao ~ the fight ends. Obtain a catapult and also drive it to the path West the the doors to check out a crack in the wall, fire to open it and also enter one of the 2 empty areas to i found it the ambush units.

Historical stage 13 - fight of Wuzhang Plains

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Eliminate the opponent messengers.Extends the after fight cutscene.

It is recommended the you play as Wei Yan or Ma Dai because that this objective. You will should be quick to have the ability to defeat both messengers, once the order to retreat is offered don"t retreat and wait for a messenger to appear then automatically go come the various other side, as Wei Yan or Ma Dai you will have an simpler time together there"s a ledge you can jump down from which skips a big portion friend would need to walk approximately if you were Jiang Wei or Xingcai.

Hypothetical stage 10 - battle of Lukou

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Successfully foil all of the adversary plans.Enables Lu Xun and Lu Meng to show up as reinforcements in Ambush in ~ Chang"an.

Follow all of Zhuge Liang"s orders to properly foil all of Wu"s plans, because that Lu Meng"s plan circle around back to ambush him together he feigns to entice your forces. If Lu Meng sets increase ballistae climate you will have failed the objective.

Hypothetical phase 11 - Ambush in ~ Chang"an

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Defeat Xiahou Mao prior to Guo Jia appears.Unlocks Pacification that Nanzhong.

Follow the circulation of the battle, when the makeshift leg is exit make sure to follow it and then rush to Xiahou Mao after that completes the path.

Hypothetical phase 11X - Pacification the Nanzhong

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Defeat Zhurong 3 times.Enables Meng Huo and also Zhurong to appear as reinforcements in intrusion of Luoyang.

A an easy objective favor Meng Huo there are two points external of the key camp wherein she will show up simply loss her in those two points before her last one in ~ the key camp.

Jin Star Objectives

Stage 4 - Coup d"état

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Defeat Cao Xun, Cao Xi, and also He Yan prior to eliminating Cao Shuang.Unlocks Xiahou Ba"s Journey.

Simple objective, follow every mission and also Cao Shuang should be the critical one you need to kill.

Stage 4X - Xiahou Ba"s Journey

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Defeat Jiang Wei quickly before he meets up with Xiahou Ba.Enables Xiahou Ba to appear in later battles.

Regardless if you"re playing as Sima Zhao/Wang Yuanji or Guo Huai you should have the ability to reach Jiang Wei before Xiahou Ba can meet him.

Sima Zhao/Wang YuanjiThe faster you defeat adversary officers the much faster Guo Huai have the right to block off Xiahou Ba"s route making him take it detours.

Guo HuaiDefeating opponent officers allows for you to technique two points on the field where you deserve to make Xiahou Ba take a detour which will give more time together he will go the longer way around.

Stage 5 - east Gates Battle

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Escort all allies to safety.Unlocks fight of new Hefei Castle.

A rather an easy objective. Make sure to follow her allies who head South once the groups break-up up, if you space too far from lock they will certainly be beat when the ambush is sprung.

Stage 5X - fight of brand-new Hefei Castle

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Defend all gateways within the castle.Enables Zhuge Dan to appear in later on battles.

Regardless who you pick this is a basic objective and also the AI will carry their own weight together the morale gets to her side. Follow every mission despite you can skip the one that would have actually you backtrack into the lock to obtain the weapons working.

Stage 6 - Mt. Tielong

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Prevent Guo Huai from maintain injuries.Enables Guo Huai to appear in later battles.

This one deserve to be a little tricky come get, though shot not to it is in too rapid completing missions as you may pass details ambush officers. Together the gateways open loss Jiang Shu come secure the main camp then do your means around the the east exit that the main camp, situate Li Jian and also defeat him. As soon as he is defeated he will certainly steal some Wei uniforms as he retreats which he will usage later. Xingcai will certainly then deploy lumber oxen i m sorry is a ploy for a fire attack, destroy the oxen and defeat Xingcai. Do your method through the South, yet don"t walk all the method stop as soon as you with the cave like area together ambush devices will spawn, defeat them then make your method to Guo Huai. Li Jian will have returned in Wei clothing defeat him prior to he tricks Guo Huai then fulfill up v Guo Huai.

Stage 7 - Guanqiu Jian & Wen Qin"s Rebellion

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Defeat Wen Qin before Wen Yang.Effects battle of Xuchang.

For this objective you will have to ignore Sima Shi"s order to pincer assault Wen Qin and also Wen Yang after Wen Yang retreats from the Wei key camp. Take the Western hill path right into the main center area and also defeat all police officers that go for you after Sima Shi and Wen Yang have a conversation defeat his father very first before you loss him.

Stage 8 - battle of Xuchang

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Complete all star target of previous stages.Enables Wen Yang to appear unlocking the hypothetical route.

Have all objectives complete when you reach this suggest in the story and talk to Wen Yang for the hypothetical route.

Hypothetical stage 9 - catch of Chengdu

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Defeat all foe officers before subduing Liu Shan.Unlock defeat the Rebels.

Liu Shan has to be defeated last, this consists of Guan Suo and Guan Yinping"s come after you reach Jiang Wei before your allies in the main castle. Friend don"t need to personally defeat everyone as long as Liu Shan is last, Suo & Yinping must arrive because that this target to count.

Hypothetical stage 9X - defeat the Rebels

ObjectiveChanges & Effect
Finish the battle.Enables Zhong Hui to show up in later battles.

Simple job as Zhong Hui will certainly not appear until you loss all other officers.

Lu Bu Star Objectives

Stage 2 - Gateway from Hulao Gate

Successfully rescuing Hua Xiong will affect The fight of Dingtao.

After beating Chen Gong girlfriend will have the an option of either defending the carriage or saving Hua Xiong head right for Hua Xiong.

Stage 3 - Uprising in ~ Chang"an

Ensuring Wang Yun"s safety will impact The battle of Dingtao.
Taming all tigers will permit the stage fight of Changshan to be unlocked.

Lead Wang Yun come the leg for him come raise the leaving Dong Zhuo can not to escape. ~ Dong Zhuo is killed make certain to run near Wang Yun so that he will hide himself, if you perform not carry out this the moment opponent troops make their means to him he will die.

For the tigers go to the emphasize areas and defeat all tigers to tame them.

Stage 3x - battle of Changshan

Rescuing Yuan Shao"s pressures three time will impact The fight of Dingtao.

After defeating all of the pressures near the main camp stay near Yuan Shao to save him anytime he it s okay in trouble, the only time you should leave his next is once Gongsun Zan & Gongsun Xu attempt to attack the key camp.

Stage 5 - battle of Dingtao

Complete every one of the problems all open the hypothetical route.

Have every objectives finish when you reach this allude in the story and also talk to Hua Xiong because that the theoretical route.

Historical phase 7 - fight of Shouchun

Successfully persuading Zhang Fei will cause Yuan Shu to appear as reinforcements in the Showdown in ~ Xiapi.

Zhang Fei will show up near the bottom left that the map after he it s okay frustrated through being at the main camp to defend it, there is a ladder near the area you have the right to climb to reach him quickly prior to he breaks every one of Yuan Shu"s pots.

Xtreme Legends Star Objectives

Wei phase 4 - Defense of pan Castle

Protect Wei officers from the flood attackUnlocks Pacification that Jing Province

To successfully finish this Wei"s kind of the flood assault must happen. Wu policemans will gain close to pan Castle i beg your pardon will reason Guan Yu come send messengers to the Wu camp, defeat all 3 of these then attract all Wu officers right into Fan Castle. Afterward make your way to the floodgate and also defeat Guan Suo come activate the flood attack. If everyone is defeat before you deserve to do the flood assault you will certainly not gain the star.

Wu stage 6 - pursuit at Yiling

Defeat Zhao Yun prior to the fire attackUnlocks Defense the Jiangling

After beating the 3 officers about the key camp simply make your means straight come Zhao Yun and defeat him.

Shu stage 4 - Defense that Mt. Dingjun

Win without Liu Bei being injuredUnlocks Revenge in ~ Yiling

Quickly make your way to Liu Bei when the fight starts and also save him, once Fa Zheng"s arrangement of utilizing Liu Bei together bait occurs you shouldn"t have to worry about Liu Bei gift injured.

Jin stage 5 - Escape indigenous Chengdu

Rescue Wen Hu & Deng ZhongUnlocks Pacification that Bashu

When you reach the central bridge area throughout your escape run down and defeat the tigers, if you don"t perform this Wen Hu will certainly die by the moment you deserve to reach him usually usually by the moment you conserve Deng Zhong.

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Jin phase 6 - Pacification of Bashu

Get all unsure officers to submitUnlocks battle of Shangyang

Rescue her allies that space in require of help. In ~ this allude some policemans will it is in unsure to proceed serving Zhong Hui and also Jiang Wei will send out 3 messengers (named Assassin), defeat them then loss the officers who to be unsure. One will certainly go v the bottom that the map to reach Ju one while 2 will try heading out of the lock be sure to acquire the one going south last.