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Licky Licky (5x) I favor ToLicky Licky (6×)Fuck that Up, Gon Head, crap It increase (3×)Fuck the Up, But prior to You Suck it UpLet Me Eat the From The back (8×)Eating Pussy's An gained TasteSo Ima Let she Sit top top My entire FaceGuarantee I acquire Her Hotter 보다 A Fire PlaceThen She Can uncover Out how My Oscar TasteYou Ain't Know, Nasty Nick Is an AnimalGo under Low, Then i Eat Her prefer A CannibalTaste for this reason Sweet, yes She Sweeter than A CantelopeMake her Blast Off like I satellite Her top top A CatapultI give Her Tongue, Fore i Stick My penis InGot Pussy Juice Drippin off My Chinny Chin ChinShe know That i Done been Wit plenty WomenBut She Dont provide A Fuck, She Only offers InI Know precisely What To do To wake up YouDo Ya like A Vampire, baby Let Me Bite YouNigga confront It, The Girl Dont prefer YouBut She Loves Me, Cuz I like ToLicky Licky (5x) I favor ToLicky Licky (6×)
Fuck it Up, Gon Head, posesthe It increase (3×)Fuck the Up, But prior to You Suck it UpLet Me Eat that From The ago (8×) Shawty permit A genuine NiggaEat that From The earlier (8×)I Eat the Up prefer TakeoutWe might Be below All Night, choose A StakeoutPop the Pussy like A Pimple, watch It BreakoutPut your Lips On mine Lips On my Lips, allows Make OutBut i Ain't Talkin Bout The Lips On your Face, BooI make an oath I'll execute Anything just To Taste YouAnd You have the right to Pop One Molly, Ima take it TwoAnd You excellent Came 2 Times, but I Ain't ThroughNo im Feelin kind Of GenerousFace under As ns French Kiss top top The ClitorisHave her Body Tremblin As shortly As I give Her ThisNow my Head Game's Engraved In her MemoriesNasty Nigga, mischievous By NatureI just Wamna be able to Say That i Ate YaI bet You loss in Love As shortly As i Taste YaI Ain't Tryna hurt Ya, I prefer ToLicky Licky (5x) I favor ToLicky Licky (6×)

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Fuck the Up, Gon Head, crap It increase (3×)Fuck it Up, But prior to You Suck the UpLet Me Eat it From The earlier (8×) Shawty permit A actual NiggaEat it From The earlier (8×)Fuck that Up, Gon Head, crap It up (4×)If girlfriend A negative Bitch, Gon Head Fuck the UpKeep her Hair Fixed, Gon Head Fuck it UpYou prefer Your Ass Licked, Gon Head Fuck it UpFuck the Up, Gon Head, Fuck it UpBeat that Pussy, contact Me Money Mayweather (8×)