The Eat to the to win Concert Series will go back to this year's Epcot international Food & wine Festival September 14-November 14. New acts coming this year encompass Wang Chung, The BoDeans, Toad the Wet Sprocket, living Colour and also Delta Rae.

The concerts, which are consisted of with Epcot admission, will certainly be at the America Gardens Theatre nightly at 5:30, 6:45 and 8 p.m.

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Here's a perform of performers collection to involved this year's festival. Entertainment and appearances space subject to readjust without notice.

September 14-15: Wang Chung

September 16-18: Starship certification Mickey thomas

September 19-20: wait Supply

September 21-23: BoDeans

September 24-25: Fuel

September 26-28: sugar Ray

September 29-30: Los Lobos

October 1-2: David chef

October 3-4: Wilson Phillips

October 5-6: Blues Traveler

October 7-9: plain White Ts

October 10-11: 38 unique

October 12-13: Jeffrey Osbourne

October 14-16: Tiffany

October 17-19: Dennis deYoung and also the Music that Styx

October 20-21: Christopher Cross

October 22-23: Toad the Wet Sprocket

October 24-25: Chaka khan

October 26-27: Billy ocean

October 28-29: life Colour

October 30-November 1: Hanson

November 2-3: heart Asylum

November 4-6: Delta Rae

November 7-9: Boyz II Men

November 10-11: sisters Hazel

November 12-14: huge Bad Voodoo daddy

BACK because that 2016! EAT come THE to win DINNER PACKAGES!

These packages, available on choose nights, encompass a delicious enjoy the meal at pick Epcot restaurants and a guaranteed seat for one of the Eat come the beat Concerts, ensuring the you don't miss out on your favorite band for this renowned concert series!

NOTE: If friend require accessible seating, indicate it when making your reservation!

Breakfast Packages include:

— one buffet or family style dining — scheduled seating at Eat to the to win concert on the day.

Lunch/Dinner Packages include:

— appetizer, entree, dessert, non-alcoholic beverage (or one complete buffet whereby applicable) — reserved seating in ~ the Eat come the beat concert on that day.

The complying with dining plans will be embraced as payment:

— Magic Your means Plus Dining: 2 Table business entitlements — Magic Your method Deluxe Dining: 2 Table company entitlements — Magic Your means Premium package — Magic Your way Platinum Package

NOTE: Magic Your means Quick service Dine: not eligible.

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Reservations require a credit card guarantee.

Badges for the scheduled concert seating will certainly be offered at the restaurant.

LocationBreakfast Adult Breakfast boy Lunch Adult Lunch kid Dinner AdultDinner kid
Rose and Crown N/AN/A$58.00$23.00$58.00$23.00
Coral Reef N/AN/A$69.00$24.00$69.00$24.00
Garden Grill $39.00$23.00$57.00$34.00$57.00$34.00
Nine dragons N/AN/A$41.00$14.00$51.00$18.50
Restaurant Marrakesh N/AN/A$50.00$21.00$58.00$21.00
Spice roadway Table N/AN/A$50.00$21.00$58.00$21.00
Via N/Apoli N/AN/A$54.00$20.00$57.00$24.00
Tutto Italia N/AN/A$64.00$22.00$70.00$25.00
Les Chefs de France N/AN/A$65.99$17.99$75.99$22.99
Tokyo Dining N/AN/A$59.99$16.99$72.99$19.99
Teppan Edo N/AN/A$59.99$16.99$72.99$19.99
San point of view Inn N/AN/A$57.25$15.50$71.50$17.50
La Hacienda N/AN/AN/AN/A$76.50$17.50
Akershus imperial Banquet hall $54.00$32.00$69.00$41.00$69.00$41.00