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Emergency phone for SPANISH citizens ONLY: 1 (917) 273-7601. The emergency number is only obtainable for really serious and urgent problem (missing persons, crashes and situation situations) influence only Spanish citizens. Never for matters that can be resolved during constant working hours. 



Consul General: Dña. Caridad Batalla Junco

Consul for cultural Affairs: D. Santiago Herrero AmigoDeputy Consul General: D. Gaudencio Villas GarcíaChancellor Dª María Dolores Rivera MenéndezVisasSend emails: cog.nuevayork
maec.es to the fist of "Visa Department"


Civil Registry:Send emails cog.nuevayork
maec.es, to the fist of "Sección de Registro Civil".

AdministrationSend emails to: cog.nuevayork


Citizens Assistance, social Affairs and also NotarySend emails to: cog.nuevayork


Nationals. Passports. Census. LegalizationSend emails to: cog.nuevayork
maec.es, to the attention of "Sección de Nacionales".

Cultural SectionSend emails to: cog.nuevayork
maec.es, to the fist of "Sección de Cultura".

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