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Liner notes

This is a track of sadness, for how else have the right to one describe such sorrow? Not discovering where a love one is, not knowing exactly how they are, not knowing just how to discover them.

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They space the missing.notes and also illustration by Roma RyanAmarantine promotional box, 2005

Trivia claimed that ‘If I might be where you are’ wa one of her favourite song on the album. The track showed up on the ‘Songs for Japan’ charitative compilation produced to benefit relief initiatives for the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and also tsunami.



‘If I can be wherein you are’ was released as a one-track promotional solitary for Japan. The inserts feature photos not obtainable anywhere else.


Where are you this moment?Only in mine dreams.You’re missing, yet you’re alwaysa heartbeat indigenous me.I’m shed now without you,I don’t understand where friend are.I store watching, I store hoping,but time keeps united state apart

Is over there a way I can find you,is over there a sign I need to know,is there a road I could followto lug you earlier home?

Winter lies prior to me,now you’re so far away.In the darkness of my dreaming,the irradiate of you will certainly stay.

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If I might be close beside you,If I can be where you are,If I could reach out and touch youand lug you back home.Is there a way I can discover you,Is there a sign I must know,Is there a road I can follow,to bring you earlier home come me?

lyrics by Roma RyanEMI Music posting Ltd, 2005

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