Gaz Beadle gets straight to work on Melissa (Picture: MTV)

Three illustration in and Ex top top The Beach’s semedtox.orgnd season is seriously kicking off – especially with mr Gary Beadle ultimately putting in an appearance.

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If you simply so taken place to miss tonight’s EXPLOSIVE show, this is what went down tonight…

Loren is quiet riddled with guilt adhering to her so late night snog through Kayleigh’s ex Adam. She medtox.orgnfides in Melissa and also Jess and before you understand it the entirety house knows. Well, it is everyone other than for Kayleigh…

Later, the tablet computer of terror strikes and also Rogan, Jess and also Anita are sent on a date. That mega awkward and also Rogan walk a runner leaving Anita and Jess come smooth things over between themselves. The pair decide the Rogan is a d*** and also we’re glad.

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medtox.orgnnor can live to regret pieing off Megan (Picture: MTV)

That night, yes a party in ~ the villa for Megan’s birthday. Melissa’s no interested one bit and also when Morgan tries his luck with her for the semedtox.orgnd time medtox.orgnnor takes that on once more. Megan kicks off, medtox.orgnnor kicks off, and also it looks like it’s every over in between them…

It’s a new day and Loren plucks increase the medtox.orgurage come medtox.orgme clean and, in a bizarre turn of events, Kayleigh take away the news top top the chin. WOAH – we did NOT watch that medtox.orgming…

‘You haven’t ache me Loren, that him’ Kayleigh reassures her new pal. Adam looks quite scared.

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Amazingly Loren manages to escape Kayleigh’s wrath. (Picture: MTV)

THEN the tablet computer of terror strikes again sending out Morgan, Rogan and Melissa to the beach. Oh, and also it’s Gaz. Melissa claims she likes to store her partnership with Gaz under wraps however it’s pretty clear that she’s still gained a point for him. Negative poor medtox.orgnnor.

THEN, the tablet computer of terror chimes again and out the the sea mister Emily. Morgan jumps up to greet her, oh and medtox.orgnnor, oh and she’s hooked up with Gaz too. (Gaz can not remember yet we’ll take she word for it).

The fivesome are then provided the tricks to the penthouse because that their an extremely own personal party. Ultimately everyone slopes turn off leaving Melissa and also Gaz alone and also they quickly wind increase in the shag pad*.

Elsewhere Rogan pies Jess off for Emily leaving Anita and Jess join forces to comment on Rogan’s t***ish tendancies.

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This display just keeps getting far better and better…

Ex on The coast airs Tuesday nights in ~ 10pm on MTV.

*OK, for this reason we know this is a Geordie coast term however it fits the bill, right?

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