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----------------------------------------Woaaaaahh, I'm glad to watch Brandish again >She is for this reason powerful, and most importantly, she is CUTE >Can't wait what she is gonna carry out in the following chapters

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Holy shit this chapter was great, haven't to be this hyped due to the fact that Irene's backstory. So lot shit went down. Touka, Liberius, Laxus vs. Jellal, currently Brandish conserving Gray native the bone dragon slayer's ashes. This has to get animated.

nice to view sexy Brandish again ^^and looks favor White Mage Touka gained amnesia? she does no remember being the leader of the Liberia guild the have new dragon slayers the have dealt with Natsu team

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"If taking obligation for a mistake that cannot it is in undone method death, it's not that hard to die. At least, not as hard regarding live on.
Awww, Erza deserves far better than this (besides, I'll it is in Kyria's pets and an ext if she wants). Wasn't expecting to see Lady Brandish whenever soon, however nice to view her back. Expect my goregous baby Dimaria isn't too much behind
Was Luxus constantly that stupid?Erza still being cringe... All characters so downgraded in power it's a shame...At the very least Brandish seems useful.
sabi-chan said:Was Luxus always that stupid?Erza still being cringe... All personalities so downgraded in power it's a shame...At least Brandish seems useful.
To quote some mod from the wiki:"laxus just saw jellal trying come take far touka and calling her evil, if fairy tail have the right to accept gajeel, juvia and also laxus that were villains in ~ one point, why would certainly he instantly overlook touka who could be in the same situation"Laxus is dead wrong yet I assumed of this too. Touka stole at the very least 100 magics in the current months, therefore she could be manipulating him. Additionally I expect Team Natsu gets a strength up, i wanna watch them surpass their Alvarez selves.
It makes absolutely no feeling that Laxus would safeguard this girl prefer that. The decides to to trust her end Jellal simply because she randomly join the guild one day? Nobody even knows anything about her, however he trusts she over Jellal who has helped Fairy Tail countless times throughout the years. Devastating chapter
Laxus has no factor to struggle Gerard besides the Mangaka desires them to fight. And also thats stupid. Yet i love how Erza is treated like :D and also of course Gray survived. How convenient the Brandish shows up just at the best time...
I totally thought the Laxus and also Jellal would fight each other after that square-off, yet scenes adjusted quickly. And also I can't bear Erza, among the the strongest fairy tail wizards to reduced to a state of gift a person pet. Although it made me a bit excited, but.... Ns couldn't take it.

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Laxus vs Jellal! The most awaited face-off!! Don't care the thinking much however this is something we just can't miss. Exaggeration for following chapter with Brandish top top the list!!
dived into the shit feet 12 chapters in already, greatpros:we're actually gonna construct up erza's and gray's comeback rather of just having insta nakama power, i beg your pardon is greatwendy and also natsu can prob take them anyways so not worried around their sidewe're actually making usage of created op characters probably instead of just using them together fodder or jobberscons:the moral myopia is tho going strong i seelaxus and jellal fight to be literally just for fanservice, nothing else and mashima didnt even had the balls to show them fight also a little, pathetic
"You're evil as well aren'tcha?"Okay Laxus, I recognize that you don't recognize that Jellal deserves naught of the what he'd faced and that you probably still have actually guilt over what girlfriend did earlier at the at an early stage parts of the manga, however that's a low blow.At the very least he admitted that he was not so various from him and also Brandish is back.


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