I'm in search of some extra content mods to spice increase exploration, and after trying to find a little bit I discovered this mod. It seems rather popular, and also it doesn't require any DLC, which is great because ns only have actually OWB.

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So because that those of you who have actually played it, exactly how is the in its entirety quality the the dungeons and also such? If i were to acquire it, what must I expect?


I have actually a love / prefer relationship v A world of Pain. If they did a version that didn't incorporate the Underground, the would never leave my load order. Together someone because that whom roleplaying / narrative is important, it constantly throws me off the there's a huge sprawling complicated of power armor wearing, robot owning raiders under the Mojave the nobody is ever before concerned about despite the truth they deserve to two-shot girlfriend - it's just where my suspension of shock falls off.

It's an excellent for an ext things to do in general, and also it makes Nevada seem infinitely much less empty by including bunkers, factories, and so on that you'll see.

I am the opposite i wish AWOP just included places rather of messing v exterior spawns.

The secret and brand-new areas are optional and also thus don't alter any of the currently quest/game meanwhile adding in fiend spawns that have actually 3 times the HP and also Plasma Casters with constant fiends is over the top and also annoying.

It's ok, it has some funny dungeons but it also has a the majority of odd lore the is included that doesn't fairly fit in mine opinion.

I recommend acquiring the remainder of the DLCs at some point though, lock will open up up much more mods and also you haven't also played Dead Money yet, which is my favorite component of the series.

AWOP is the single best contents mod and also the price to every those complains about the FNV map to be "empty".

100 locations, mainly underground, associated by a network the tunnels v shortcuts to numerous vanilla locations. Challenging enemies, mini-bosses scattered around, player homes, and vault house with teleports to assorted zones with increased daunting encounters.

If you read complains around the mod not being lore friendly just slow clap in a arbitrarily direction and also laugh in ~ the poster.

Also acquire the other DLC's, they are worth playing and required in other mods and with the usual Steam/GoG sales comes i view no excuse no to obtain them.

Small question, what's the normal price that the DLCs walk for on sale? They're every $4.99 IIRC, and unfortunately i can't include any accumulation to my account, yet I did control to scrape increase $2.00 by selling trading cards.

They are various from the base video game in design and depth, yet I think lock are rather fun. That said, make sure to obtain the variation that doesn't include new, much more powerful weapons. The new weapons are just old weapons that are damage boosted and also can end up fairly overpowered early game. Also, and this is just anecdotal experience, i never mounted it for more than one pat through. There space so many new locations that it yes, really does feeling overwhelming at time if you desire to check out most areas you come across. I still think it's worth play at least once though, the adds pretty fine made and also interesting dungeons to a video game that otherwise is mostly normal buildings.

Thanks for your advice! Luckily, ns made sure to get the short Loot patches once installing. My biggest worry with the mods and even DLCs for Bethesda RPGs is just how they generally make you really OP.

There's only one walkthrough for the human being of Pain and also I feeling it doesn't carry out the mod justice. There's heaps more stuff in there and also at the time of this post i've only completed 70% that the mod. The mini bosses are very neat in my opinion and also ads to the video game tremendously. Some mini bosses I've encountered which to be super tricky was a giant Deathclaw named large Momma, a super radscorpion named large Barda and the mod includes heaps of upgraded mark 2 tools which can potentially be an extremely overpowering. One point I will point out though is that i sometimes get fps stutters once I get in these custom dungeons and I get clipped on calculation surfaces a fair couple of times.

On 2nd thought i made decision to uninstall it. I think that trivialises the an obstacle a small bit because enemies basically turn right into bullet sponges. I spent hrs in a nightstalker cavern which was a small ridiculous due to the fact that their health and damage needs you cheese lock by climbing on height of a roof.

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Cant play without it now, it makes the game method harder if you play on very hard/hardcore. Additionally it add so much content you can get shed out of the game before seeing it all.