You’ll end up v this quest if you’re following the NCR or Mr. Home storyline, and also you have the right to optionally choose to perform it if you’re walking rogue. If you’re siding with Caesar’s Legion her goal will certainly be somewhat different, concerning Kimball… however in any event, head come the Hoover Dam Visitor’s center to find Ranger Grant, who will speak to you when you approach. Before you check you room ready, make sure you actually room ready. If you leave Hoover Dam after beginning this quest, you will certainly fail it, and also that’s no fun. Having Ratslayer and another long-range weapon (the YCS/186 or Gobi project Scout Rifle are an excellent choices) come recommended, and perhaps a suit of NCR gear, if you’re working for them. Having a good NCR reputation will certainly help, too, i beg your pardon shouldn’t it is in a problem if you’ve been adhering to this guide.

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Once you’re ready, tell Ranger give that you’re good to go and also he’ll tell you to gain busy by acquisition a nap. On the day of the presidents arrival, speak to Ranger Grant about specifics to discover that you cannot go roughly with tools drawn and also some areas have minimal access. If your reputation through the NCR is good enough, you’ll have the ability to enter these areas and also carry weapons, as well as get the itinerary that the day’s activities. In general, you’ll be an ext trusted the greater your reputation is (make sure you’re not wearing any kind of faction armor yet, or at all if your base reputation through the NCR is high.)

Security Sweep¶

After talking through Ranger Grant, let’s go execute some optional searching, just to make sure nothing’s amiss. Head upstairs and also talk come an engineer named Allison Valentine, that will complain around her lacking friend and also fellow engineer. Return to the floor floor and enter the supply Closet to discover some blood top top the ground, which for some factor requires a check… to make certain it’s not ketchup or something? happen this check and it’ll suggest that among the NCR’s designers has to be killed and also is currently being impersonated. Finally, hack the terminal in the Visitor’s Center and also select the entrance “Security Duty Roster” to discover out the there may be a sniper lurking about, too. Wonderful.

will additionally let you know that there could be a sniper top top the prowl (right)." srcset="/assets/guides/resize200x-/79/118534-1446854400.jpg 200w, /assets/guides/resize240x-/79/118534-1446854400.jpg 240w, /assets/guides/resize320x-/79/118534-1446854400.jpg 320w, /assets/guides/resize400x-/79/118534-1446854400.jpg 400w, /assets/guides/resize480x-/79/118534-1446854400.jpg 480w, /assets/guides/resize495x-/79/118534-1446854400.jpg 495w, /assets/guides/resize580x-/79/118534-1446854400.jpg 580w, /assets/guides/resize640x-/79/118534-1446854400.jpg 640w, /assets/guides/resize800x-/79/118534-1446854400.jpg 800w, /assets/guides/resize970x-/79/118534-1446854400.jpg 970w, /assets/guides/resize990x-/79/118534-1446854400.jpg 990w, /assets/guides/resize1100x-/79/118534-1446854400.jpg 1100w" sizes="(min-width: 1100px) 1100px, (min-width: 1010px) 990px, (min-width: 621px) calc(100vw - 20px), 100vw" loading="lazy" data-orig-w="2566" data-orig-h="720" width="1100" height="309">
Talking come an technician upstairs will reveal that among her buddies went missing (left). Hacking a Terminal will additionally let you understand that there could be a sniper on the prowl (right).

The come of Bear pressure One¶

When you’ve got all the evidence, head upstairs and go through the twin doors southern of Allison Valentine to reach the monitoring deck, whereby you can discover Ranger approve waiting because that you. Talk to him and also ask when the chairman will display up to prompt the come of Kimball’s state vehicle, Bear pressure One. That’s just… awful. There’s straightforward and painless way to finish this quest right now, just turn south, south-west rise a ladder and await the Vertibird’s landing. As soon as it lands you’ll check out an engineer tinker v the Vertibird, after i m sorry you have to search the machine. Pass a or check and you’ll find a bomb. Yikes! If friend head into the Visitor’s Center and talk to Ranger grant (who is standing where you last observed him) and tell him around the bomb. He’ll call off the speech and send the chairman home. Easy-peasy.


After an engineer tampers through the President’s vertibird, disarm the bomb inserted on that (left) and also tell Ranger provide to cut short the President’s visit (right).

If that’s too straightforward for you, however, don’t call Ranger Grant about the Bomb (but carry out disarm it, if girlfriend can!) and instead head past the Vertibird come the north, north-eastern edge of the tower and also equip Ratslayer… or the Gobi, if the NCR allows you come carry approximately weapons. Keep an eye on the tower come the north and also when girlfriend see an additional person come on the tower and dispatch the ranger there, kill the newcomer. If you currently tattle to Ranger Grant about the assassin, you’ll have to attend to a third assassination attempt, as defined below. If friend weren’t permitted freedom to lug arms and aren’t dressed together an NCR member, you may have to sneak over to the north tower and kill the assassin v Love and also Hate or a likewise quiet weapon.


The second ranger ~ above the tower isn’t a reinforcement - it’s a Legion sniper in disguise (left). The 3rd and final threat to the chairman is a knife-wielding Legionary. Take it him under to for sure the President’s security (right).

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After acquisition out the assassin and also telling Ranger Grant, emphasis your target on the crowd listed below Kimball and also watch as an engineer reflects up. Store your eye on them, together this is the engineer that attempted come bomb the Vertibird earlier. If they do a relocate towards the president, shooting them. They’ll protect against to stab a ranger in the method as the ranger goes come extract the president, and also will do the exact same to Kimball if girlfriend let him. When the technician is dead, girlfriend - and also Kimball - space in the clear.