My power generation is more than double my power consumption. Yet every time I load my vault the power is in the red. Why?


There's two aspects to each resource, production and storage, and you need both. You can have all the production in the world, but if you don't also have the storage you're going to be having problems. The tick in each resource bar at the top of the screen indicates where the minimum line for consumption is based on your storage. Increasing storage moves that tick further left, while increasing consumption moves it further right. If the tick is very far left right, that is if consumption almost matches storage, you'll have a very hard time staying in the green regardless of production.

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Edit: I made a stupid.

If the tick is very far left, that is if consumption almost matches storage, you'll have a very hard time staying in the green regardless of production.

I think you mean If the tick is very far right.

The tick is about 30% away from the left, like this:

I have nine nuclear reactors 2 spaces wide, fully upgraded. They're staffed by four dwellers each at 10 STR plus 2-4 from gear.

Is it still a storage problem at that point?

There is also the fact that every time you log out the vault continues running for about 2 minutes. If you don't have Mr. Handy to pick up your power you end up consuming two minutes of power without producing any. Couple this with a low storage levels (as /u/the_rabidsquirrel mentions) and you end up in the red. You'll notice you don't have the same issue with food and water because you have a 4:1 production to consumption ratio.

This is the correct answer. You need to collect a couple times while in the game, not just once. If you're opening the vault just to boost specials then your resources will dwindle due to this "minimum consumption" time.

Think of it this way: You produce 2X per minute and consume X per minute. You believe this to be a net gain over time. You open the game and tap your stuff, gaining you 2X, then close the game. 2-3 minutes are accounted for as raw consumption before the game kicks into an averaging calculation. Net effect is that you have produced 2x in the first minute but you have consumed 2x to 3x due to this minimum window.

I had the same problem. As /u/702Chichlid said, the game continues running for a short time after you close it. I solved this problem but putting 2 nuclear reactors on the same level, and a Mr Handy to collect for me. Has been fine ever since. I assume that when the game continues Mr Handy carries on collecting for me, and I haven't been in the red since :)

Also remember: When under attack from certain things, it will drain your resources. So if you close the game immediately following for example, a raider attack, you won't have had time to recover before you close the game

Did you just tab out rather than actually exit the game? By tabbing out, the game will still run for a few minutes in the background

Unless you have a handy, after you close the game in any fashion you still get a few minutes of simulated resource drain when you log back in. If your resources are full when you close the game, you'll have no problem.

This mechanic effectively punishes people for playing in lots of little bursts without staying in to collect a few rounds of resource production.

Thanks for the answers, everyone! I guess I'll unbox one of my Mr. Handys and move things around a bit to compensate.

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