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Spoilers Below

Peter decides come air the end his couch after ~ a so late night romp with Lois through bringing it outside and later drink on it with his friends. Thinking they resided in a safe enough neighborhood, Peter no retrieve the couch by nightfall; which results in the theft the it. In solution to this, he and the gang type a community watch group. After a couple of seconds that off-screen time, Peter reappears through guns-in-hand and also a thirst because that vengeance.

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During their first watch, Peter comes across a dark number that shows up to it is in breaking right into a residence via the window. After a verbal warning and also no response, Peter fires his weapon and also strikes the separation, personal, instance in the arm. Upon additional inspection, it turns out to be Cleveland Jr.At the hospital, over there are disagreements over why Peter shooting Cleveland Jr. Donna stamps Peter as a racist, yet Peter denounces that statement by telling her the he, “would shoot anyone.” Cleveland shows up on television and announces come the world that that believes Peter cursed a hate crime. ~ some cautious consideration, Peter goes to Lois v an idea on just how to fix things. Lois loses she cool much faster than an ice cream cube in the Sahara.

During a man chain the accidents, Peter end up throw a Molotov cocktail through Cleveland’s window and setting his residence of fire. He is arrested and brought come jail because that the attempted killing of Cleveland Jr., due to the fact that of the change of windy opinion and not since of evidence.Carter comes to lawyer Peter up. Here, we have the right to highlight the difference in between how Peter and also Carter law race. His lawyer berates Cleveland Jr. And slanders him into being thought about a thug.This episode highlights the extremes world will walk to when it involves race. Peter will go to any type of lengths to prove he no a racist, yet has a daunting time achieve it due to the fact that he doesn’t know the correct method to go about it. Meanwhile, Cleveland’s family members just wants someone to expropriate responsibility.

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It’s one awkward time come live in as soon as Family Guy conveys an ext valuable life lessons 보다 94% of the 2016 presidential candidates.