Part A.

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Find the power U0 save on computer in the capacitor. Express your answer in terms of A, d, V, and ϵ0.

Part B.The capacitor is now disconnected from the battery, and also the bowl of the capacitor room then gradually pulled apart until the separation will 3d. Uncover the brand-new energy U1 that the capacitor after this process.

Express her answer in terms of A, d, V, and also ϵ0.

Part C.The capacitor is currently reconnected come the battery, and the key separation is restored to d. A dielectric key is progressively moved into the capacitor till the entire space between the plates is filled. Discover the power U2 the the dielectric-filled capacitor. The capacitor remains associated to the battery. The dielectric constant is K.

Express your answer in regards to A, d, V, K, and also ϵ0.

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