Last minute flight deals from brand-new York come Toronto

Feeling spontaneous? It’s never too so late to book a trip. This is our pick of the best last minute flights.

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Direct flights from new York to Toronto

Want to paris non-stop come Toronto? We’ll help you discover your best route.

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Alternative new York come Toronto routes

Looking for the cheapest, more quickly or easiest course from brand-new York come Toronto? You could fly into the following airports instead.

New York to Toronto: trip information

The things to know prior to you go.

Cheapest flight found


Average trip time

1 hr 41 mins

Cheapest month come fly


Most popular airline

Air Canada

Flights every week



EST Hotel



The Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto



COVID-19 travel restrictions are an altering fast, however we're right here to assist you find the advice friend need. Check our live page on travel restrictions to watch if you can travel from new York come Toronto, and if you'll should quarantine top top arrival.
There are 4 airports in Toronto: Toronto Pearson International, Kitchener / Waterloo, Toronto Island, and Hamilton.
The best price found on because that a trip from brand-new York to Toronto is $159. This was uncovered by aggregating across different carriers and also is the cheapest price because that the totality month.

Cheap trip Information from new York come Toronto

Average flight TimeDeparture AirportDestination AirportDirect AirlineMinimum Round-Trip Ticket Price*
1 hour and also 29 minutes
LaGuardia Airport, Newark Airport, man F. Kennedy worldwide Airport
Toronto Island Airport, Toronto Pearson Airport
American Airlines, wait Canada, Delta, Porter Airlines

Cheap Flights from brand-new York to Toronto


Flight Frequency

Average flight Price*

Ticket Search

American Airlines

7 work a week



Air Canada

7 job a week




7 days a week



Porter Airlines

7 days a week



*Round Trip trip prices were uncovered at time that posting and also are topic to change. Be sure to perform a trip search to inspect most current prices.

Flights from new York come Toronto: commonly Asked Questions

Do I require a Passport to fly from new York to Toronto?

Due come the west Hemisphere travel Initiative American citizen are forced to have actually a passport v them when they fly from Canada come the united States, however you technically perform not need to have actually a passport once you paris from the United states to Canada. To clean up any confusion...bring her passport v you once you take your trip from brand-new York to Toronto.

How deserve to help Me uncover the Cheapest flight from brand-new York to Toronto?

Download the app and set up price advises within the app and we will save an eye ~ above airfare prices because that you. As soon as we have found a cheap airline ticket that matches your gone into criteria, us will instantly notify you so girlfriend can publication your ticket and also save money!

Can ns Fly come Toronto native any new York City Airport?

John F. Kennedy global Airport (JFK), Newark Liberty international Airport (EWR), and also LaGuardia plane (LGA) all sell flights to Toronto. The airport you depart from will certainly be dependent on what airline you book your ticket through.

How lengthy is the trip from new York come Toronto?

The flight from brand-new York City's significant airports is approximately an hour and also a half long, escape on present weather conditions at the moment of your flight. You will cover a street of just under 350 mile on this trip.

What airlines Fly direct from brand-new York come Toronto?

Between all airlines, there are virtually 400 straight flights to Toronto every week, for this reason you are sure to discover a trip schedule the suits her needs. Wait Canada provides the most flights, adhered to by Delta, American Airlines, Porter Airlines, and United Airlines. Paris this route is a quick method to earn some flight miles through your airline price program.

Majestic sights. Skyscrapers almost everywhere you look. Times Square. Central Park. Most human being envision these things when they think about brand-new York City, and for a very good reason. Because that centuries, America’s biggest city has been at the head of its economic, cultural, and also political scene.

For many of new Yorkers, the journey north across the border come Canada is an affordable vacation and also fun-filled adventure. If Quebec is the closest district distance wise, Ontario is not much either by plane. The destination and also capital city the Toronto is constantly teeming with activity, and also its attractions room a lot cheaper than those ago home! The Canadian metropolis is 344 miles to the Northwest of NYC, and also standard course times are around 1 hour. Air Canada, American Airlines, and United all offer non-stop flights from brand-new York come Toronto.

Now leaving JFK International

It is common for airports in major cities to stand for their location’s respective populace density; man F. Kennedy International is through no means an exception. As one have the right to imagine, annual passenger web traffic and number of aircraft activities processed through brand-new York’s largest airport are phenomenal.

More than 50 million civilization passed with its 6 terminals and 128 passenger entrances last year, to offer a bit of perspective! the shosuld come together no surprise that JFK worldwide is chalked full of remarkable shops, restaurants, and other amenities. Together well, pets relief locations are accessible in every terminal.

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Touring the big Smoke

Not just is Toronto Ontario’s capital, it is additionally the largest city in every one of Canada. 2.6 million human being live in the city proper; this number extends come 6.2 million because that the neighboring metro. Interestingly enough, due to the fact that of that is layout, Toronto is widely referred to as The NYC that Canada.

Therefore, brand-new York tourists have to feel ideal at home. Simply remember come exchange her domestic money into Canadian dollars! For your vacation, execute not forget to spend some time in ~ the Ontario scientific research Center, Casa Loma, the imperial Ontario Museum, and also Toronto Island Park. All of these renowned local attractions attract in numerous tourists every year!

While Queen City is generally quite affordable, you deserve to stretch your travel dollars even further by booking cheap flights from new York come Toronto via Ours intellisearch engine is the quickest method to to compare airfare, guaranteed!