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Low seasonHigh seasonAverage price round-tripGood transaction round-tripGood deal one-way
NovemberBest time come beat the crowds with an typical 28% autumn in price.

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AugustMost renowned time come fly with an typical 47% boost in price.
$830(avg. Price over the critical 2 weeks)
$580or less
$314or less

Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users uncovered flights top top this route for $314 or less one-way and $580 or much less round-trip.The cheapest trip from mountain Francisco come Shanghai Pudong plane was discovered 46 days before departure, top top average.Book at the very least 4 weeks before departure in order to gain a below-average price.High season is considered to it is in July, August and also September. The cheapest month to paris is November.Morning exit is about 5% much more expensive 보다 an evening flight, top top average*.*Average the the shortest prices presented in’s search results for departures in ~ the following 30 days
Flying between Shanghai Pudong Airport and also San Francisco will take minimum 20h 00m and will call for at the very least one stop.

Do I need a passport come fly in between San Francisco and also Shanghai Pudong Airport?
Yes, you"ll most likely have actually to show a precious passport before boarding the aircraft in mountain Francisco and on arrival in Shanghai Pudong Airport.

What’s the cheapest work of the main to fly from mountain Francisco come Shanghai Pudong Airport?
If friend are looking for a flight deal from san Francisco come Shanghai Pudong Airport, look because that departures ~ above Tuesdays and avoid leaving on a Saturday, as it"s normally the priciest day. Once flying ago from Shanghai Pudong Airport, Wednesday is the cheapest day come fly and also Thursday is the most expensive.

Which airports will I it is in using once flying from san Francisco to Shanghai Pudong Airport?
When flying the end of mountain Francisco you will certainly be utilizing San Francisco. You will certainly be landing at Shanghai Pudong Airport, also known together Shanghai Pu Dong.

How walk discover such low prices on flights from san Francisco to Shanghai Pudong Airport? is a travel search engine. That way we look across the net to find the finest prices we can find for ours users. V over 2 billion trip queries handle yearly, we space able to display a range of price and choices on flights from mountain Francisco come Shanghai Pudong Airport.

How walk's trip Price forecast tool help me pick the best time come buy my flight ticket from mountain Francisco come Shanghai Pudong Airport?’s trip Price projection tool uses historical data to identify whether the price because that a trip to Shanghai Pudong airplane from mountain Francisco is most likely to change within 7 days, therefore travelers understand whether come wait or book now.

What is the Hacker Fare option on flights from san Francisco to Shanghai Pudong Airport?
Hacker Fares allow you to integrate one-way tickets in bespeak to save you money end a traditional round-trip ticket. You might then paris to Shanghai Pudong Airport through an airline and earlier to san Francisco with an additional airline.

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What is's "flexible dates" feature and why should I treatment when searching for a flight from san Francisco to Shanghai Pudong Airport?
Sometimes travel days aren"t set in stone. If your preferred travel dates have some wiggle room, flexible dates will present you all the alternatives when paris to Shanghai Pudong plane from mountain Francisco up to 3 job before/after your desired dates. You have the right to then choose the flights the suit friend best.

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Pros: "I offered my mile to update to Laurel so the experience was great! EVA is constantly a good airline so no really numerous complains"
Cons: "What could be far better would it is in even an ext improvements to the cabin. The layout and decor feeling a little dated and also the seat orientation and layout can likewise use some modernizing."