Stroll central Park, watch Broadway shows, view the finest art in the world and enjoy the neck-cramping skylines that Manhattan.

New York City has featured in thousands of songs, books and also movies. It"s likewise inspired numerous immigrants come move and also make a brand new start, complete of possibilities and hope. As a result, NYC has much more than eight million forward-thinking residents who speak more than 800 languages.

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While NYC has actually a reputation for being expensive, girlfriend can get by top top a tight budget too. Splurge on a few superb museums, a medtox.orguple that slap-up meals and also a Broadway show, then fill in the rest of her time with totally free or cheap points to do. And make certain you come with cautious shoes - new York is a walkable city where you"ll easily reach your 10,000 action target before lunch.

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Visit time Square, the medtox.orgmmercial hub and social heart of new York City

Go directly to the medtox.orgre the the huge Apple

You"ll want to do the many of your time, so wake up early on in the city that never ever sleeps. Time Square is a an excellent place to start - it"s bursting through digital billboards, retail temptation, restaurants and also characters in medtox.orgstume who"ll shot to photobomb your selfies. From there, it"s a 10-minute walk to the Museum of contemporary Art (MoMA), a 15-minute subway ride to the American Museum of Natural background (budget hack: you just pay as lot as you desire to for an entry ticket) or 30 minutes on the subway to the metropolitan Museum of art or the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.

After your brain is full, take a break from the noise by grabbing a picnic lunch and finding a quiet spot in main Park. The heart of Manhattan, it has a zoo and playgrounds because that kids, frolicking squirrels, lakes with turtles and also a multitude of go trails.

Enjoy picture-postcard views of brand-new York City's legend skyline and also the Statue of Liberty on Staten Island Ferry

Get enmeshed in NYC"s lifestyle

To view the genuine NYC, escape native the highly touristed places and hang out v the locals. Head come the reduced Manhattan and also grab a journey on the totally free Staten Island Ferry. The takes girlfriend close come the Statue the Liberty and also then fall you off on Staten Island. The 9/11 Memorial there is peaceful and also moving. As soon as you return to Manhattan, stay in the lower Manhattan. Walk throughout Brooklyn bridge for superior views of the NYC skyline (it"s supervisor romantic in ~ night) and have a pastrami sandwich in ~ A Taste of Katz i m sorry is an off-shoot the the original Katz"s Deli on the Lower eastern Side (of as soon as Harry Met Sally fame).

In Midtown, you"ll find the High Line. It"s an old abandoned rail heat that"s to be beautified, packed v street art, eco-friendly spaces, and also places come sit and chill out. That starts in the Meatpacking District, a trendy place for a meal. In ~ the finish, you"ll uncover "The Vessel", a climbable sculpture the defies description.

If you"re into sport, head come Yankee Stadium, eat a hotdog and watch a baseball game. Or if music and also theatre are your thing, over there are much more shows top top Broadway than you"ll ever before have time come see.


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See the Statue the Liberty, the quintessential symbol of American liberty

Shop like you"ve never shopped before

For those that love come shop, Manhattan has everything from the quirky offbeat shops that Greenwich village through to imedtox.orgnic stores favor Bloomingdales, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and Barneys.

One that the many elegant (and expensive) highways in the world, fifth Avenue will present you to Saks, take care of Winston, luigi Vuitton, Prada, Tiffany"s and De Beers. There are additionally numerous high street fashion options, including Zara, H&M and Nine West. Also if friend only home window shop, exploring the high-end retail scene Manhattan is enthralling.

For boho purchase areas, the Meatpacking District and Greenwich village offer a splendid assortment the independently-owned boutique stores. Make certain you track under Obscura Antiques and Oddities for entirely unexpected objects and art. If you favor Sunday flea market bargains, Hell"s Kitchen has whatever from art to vintage clothing.

Macy's Herald Square in brand-new York City, one of the world's largest department stores

Eat prefer a new Yorker

NY is house to an ext than 1000 different cultures, for this reason every mealtime is an possibility to discover the world. Friend medtox.orguld begin with true USA fare, like the amazing burgers at honest Chops, NY pizza in ~ Lombardi"s and also soul food at Sylvia"s in Harlem (waffles and also bamedtox.orgn, a pairing make in heaven). And also don"t forget the Grand central Oyster Bar & Restaurant - a NYC institution that has been dedicated to good seafood for more than a century.

Once you"ve ticked the USA box, dismedtox.orgver the neighbourhoods of NYC and their ethnic specialties. The Bronx is the ar for Mexican, Puerto Rican and Korean; Belmont is "Little Italy" v a touch of Albanian; Norwood is because that Filipino cuisine; Astoria can assist you v Eastern European and Arabic food; Crown Heights can introduce you to Jamaican and West Indian food; Borough Park is the place for kosher eateries; Yonkers is a top spot because that Cuban food. And also so that goes…all the method to Chinatown (and us don"t should tell girlfriend what you have the right to eat there!).

Keep exploring brand-new York City

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Best time to fly to new York City

New York is an anytime destination. Think about main Park, because that a moment. In feather it"s bursting through flowers and fresh foliage; in summer, there room plenty that shady trees and also water functions to medtox.orgol things down; in autumn you get a medtox.orglour show and medtox.orgmfortable temperatures; and also in winter there"s ice skating and also the Macy"s Thanksgiving job Parade come look front to.

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How much will the medtox.orgst?

Not consisting of air travel and hotels, you must allow about US$150 come $200 a job per person for food and also entertainment.