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See the complete list ofairline routes and airportsto book your trip.You might need to journey to a nearby airport to get a direct flight.Use the kind below to find for cheap airline tickets.

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Non-stop flights between brand-new York and also Michigan

Here is a perform of straight nonstop flights from brand-new York (NY) to Michigan (MI).This can aid you uncover the best flight top top yourpreferred airline. We discovered a complete of 27 flights come Michigan nonstop:

Airline routesContour Airlines native HPN to LANContour Airlines indigenous FOK come PTKDelta air Lines from BUF to DTWDelta waiting Lines from JFK to DTWDelta wait Lines native LGA come DTWEndeavor Air indigenous ALB come DTWEndeavor Air from BGM come DTWEndeavor Air from LGA to GRREndeavor Air from BUF come DTWEndeavor Air from ELM come DTWEndeavor Air indigenous HPN to DTWEndeavor Air indigenous ITH to DTWEndeavor Air indigenous LGA to TVCEndeavor Air indigenous JFK come DTWEndeavor Air indigenous LGA come DTWEndeavor Air indigenous ROC come DTWEndeavor Air native SYR to DTWJetblue Airways indigenous JFK to DTWRepublic Airline from LGA to TVCRepublic Airline from BUF come DTWRepublic Airline native JFK come DTWRepublic Airline indigenous LGA come DTWRepublic Airline from ROC come DTWSkyWest Airlines from JFK to DTWSpirit Airlines from LGA come DTWSwift Air from BUF to DTWUltimate wait Shuttle native HPN come DETAirport codes