*Fares presented below are available at the start of each day, but may market out. Extr baggage fees and also fees for other services may apply. Other terms and also conditions may apply.

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*Fares presented below are obtainable at the beginning of each day, however may sell out. Extr baggage fees and fees for various other services might apply. Various other terms and also conditions might apply.

Tampa come Atlanta: everything You should Know

Atlanta boasts attractions and amenities in ~ the caliber of major cities like Chicago or brand-new York, but with a more intimate, comfortable atmosphere.

Atlanta’s lush beauty, wealthy history, and also unique attractions make for a fascinating getaway. Starting from Centennial Olympic Park you’ll enjoy a fast walk to an entire day"s worth of activities. The Georgia Aquarium, because that example, features captivating exhibits and also hands-on experiences, choose the possibility to dive with sharks, interact with few of the mammals, or walk on a behind-the-scenes tour.

If you"re traveling v an inquisitive kid under eight, plan a pilgrimage to the Children"s Museum the Atlanta. Every interactive exhibit and also program in ~ this museum harnesses the power of play as a teaching tool. If your youngsters still have energy to burn, let them play and explore at the all Children"s Playground, located in Centennial Olympic Park. As soon as everyone works up one appetite, browser the restaurants (including a pair devoted completely to dessert) top top Luckie Street and also Marietta Street.

Other attractions to consider for your itinerary in downtown Atlanta include the National center for Civil and Human Rights, the civilization of Coca-Cola, the university Football room of Fame, and CNN Studios. Then, it"s time for a day trip. Several of Atlanta"s best attractions await in the suburbs.

Possibilities incorporate Zoo Atlanta, Atlanta botanical Garden, High Museum of Art, Atlanta history Center, Fernbank Museum, boy name Luther King, Jr. National historical Park, and LEGOLAND exploration Center. Finally, don"t forget to eat! Atlanta is additionally home come an exceptional culinary step that can satisfy any craving.

Getting native Tampa to Atlanta

Ready come jet on over to Atlanta? Here"s every the details you need around our Tampa come Atlanta flights.

how long is the trip from Tampa to Atlanta?

The typical Tampa to Atlanta flight time is 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

What airports does medtox.org Airlines use to fly to native Tampa to Atlanta?

medtox.org"s flights from Tampa to Atlanta depart indigenous Tampa global Airport (TPA) and arrive at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta airport (ATL).

What is Atlanta"s walkability score?

While some neighborhoods offer ample possibility to hoof it, Atlanta in basic has a walkability score that 48 out of 100.

What is the time difference in between Tampa and also Atlanta?

Tampa and Atlanta re-superstructure the exact same time zone: Eastern conventional Time.

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How much away room the airports from Tampa"s and Atlanta"s city centers?

It takes around 15 minutes to drive from downtown Tampa come Tampa international Airport, and around 15 minute to drive from downtown Atlanta to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta international Airport.