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Average direct flight time2 hrs 38 minsCheapest direct return flight74 €Flights per week7Airlines that fly direct

Iceland currently has center travel restrictions in place. You can travel there, however you may have to meet specific requirements, such as taking a COVID-19 test on or before arrival. We try to be as specific as possible here, but things can adjust fast. Inspect our live COVID-19 map because that Iceland take trip restrictions and also sign up for updates to obtain the latest info.
The average flight time in between Ireland and Reykjavik (Iceland"s capital), is 2 hours and also 10 minutes. This has actually been calculated based upon journeys departing from Dublin.
We crunched part numbers and also found that the cheapest month to fly to Iceland is at this time November 2021.

Flying come Iceland

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The ‘otherworldly’ see of Iceland is one of its most significant attractions. Mysterious and also ethereal, also day and also night aren’t together they have to be in the floor of the Midnight sun.

Breathtaking spectacles and also natural marvels abound. In Iceland visitors deserve to see whales swim serenely off the seaside waters while up in the sky, a magnetic charge creates the awe-inspiring, dance Aurora Borealis, or north Lights – best enjoyed indigenous an outdoor warm tub!

Rugged and beautiful, the waterfalls and glaciers that Iceland’s interior mark that is seasons, while the old lava areas of the north denote its age. In the capital Reykjavik in the southern west the Iceland, cafes heat Austurvöllur Square; a favourite haunt of locals. Öskjuhlíð hill gives panoramic see while the Botanic Gardens market some solitude indigenous city life. The nationwide Gallery, the arts museum and also Museum the Photography provide ample in the method of culture.

Away native the city in the West Fjords the people come to be fewer and also the landscapes wilder. Barren, uninhabited Landmannalaugar gives visitors a taste of Iceland’s most desolate space while to the north, dramatic lava areas are sights of strange beauty. At Thingvellir national Park is it feasible to watch where the tectonic bowl of north America and also Europe are being torn apart. Tourists can even snorkel in between them for a as soon as in a life time experience.

The highest possible mountain, Hvannadalshnúkur stands in Vatnajökull nationwide Park when Lake Mývatn close to Akureyri has the regrettably nickname, ‘the gates of Hell’ owing to the vapor that rises indigenous its glorious thermal waters. The famed Blue Lagoon is one absolute need to on the to-do list. In this geothermal organic spa that is feasible to sip a cocktail if soaking in the heavenly milky blue waters. For an alternate water attribute visit Strokkur, Iceland’s most lively steamy spring with 40 metre high geysers jetting native the soil every few minutes; or the spectacular gold Falls in ~ the leaf of Iceland’s interior. Said to be the most beautiful in the country, their double cascade thunders right into the river below.

Aside native its organic beauty, Iceland has actually an endless variety of fun things to do, from drinking in arts Deco ice bars and also dining in delicious fish restaurants come skidoo or dog sledding throughout Langjokull glacier and hiking on magical glacial treks.

Fly In

Keflavik international Airport is the largest airport in Iceland by a lengthy way. Hire cars and also taxis are obtainable from exterior the terminal structure every day, but local buses space a more efficient and also less expensive method to travel. The Airport to express bus takes tourists to Keflavik city centre just 5km away and then more afield to the funding city the Reykjavik. The Flybus departs 30-45 minutes after the arrival of each trip and additionally takes passenger to Reykjavik in a trip time of about 45 minutes.

What you need to understand – 150

Currency: iceland Krona (ISK)

Visas: UK passport holders perform not require a visa to enter Iceland for a stay of increase to three months. All that is forced is a passport the is valid for the whole of the stay. In fact, brothers Citizens space entitled come live and also work in Iceland through a residence or work permit which can be attain from the Directorate of immigration in Iceland. Schengen agreement members additionally do not call for a visa to take trip to Iceland. Other nations not mentioned above may require a visa. It is advisable to check with the local embassy of the foreign Office website for an ext information on separation, personal, instance visa requirements.

Laws: as of 2007, Iceland has actually made smoking cigarettes in indoor public areas such together cafes, restaurants, bars, offices and also hotels, illegal. Agree or not, whale meat is easily accessible to eat and buy in Iceland however, visitors must note that any attempt to income this right into the UK is highly illegal. A well of as much as £5000 and a custodial sentence can be incurred. The legal period for drinking alcohol in Iceland is 20 and the drink driving legislations are very strict.

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Best time to Visit

The best months to see whales off the shore of Iceland are might to September; because that the northern Lights, between September and January. The midnight sun begins mid may to early on August together the darkness disappears. In June the sun never fully sets. Summer is typically sunny with temperatures of up to 17 levels Celsius if winter can see temperatures between 7 degrees and minus 10. The Winter Festival and Winter lamp Festival have actually snow scooters, downhill skiing, poetry and exhibitions and are both absolutely worth a visit. Don’t miss out on the Viking Festival in Hafnarfjörður because that Viking culture, ships, food, storytelling and more. Iceland master so many much more arts, music and food festivals throughout the year. If visiting in December be prepared for only 2 come 3 hours of daylight every day, together the sun begins to set almost the moment it has actually risen.