Based on the 2014 national Automotive Technicians Education foundation (NATEF) Medium/Heavy Truck jobs Lists and also ASE Certification Test collection for truck and also bus specialists, Fundamentals the Medium/Heavy Duty Diesel Engines is designed to address these and also other global training standards. The text offers considerable coverage that every NATEF job with clarity and also precision in a concise format that ensures student comprehension and encourages vital thinking. Fundamentals that Medium/Heavy Duty Diesel Engines defines safe and effective diagnostic, repair, and also maintenance steps for today’s medium and also heavy automobile diesel engines, including the many current, relevant, and also practical coverage of: • HD-OBD emission diagnostics • typical rail injection systems • Exhaust after treatment systems, including diesel particulate filters, selective catalyst palliation (SCR), and also lean NOx catch (LNT) • variable geometry and series turbocharging • Exhaust gas recirculation • Engine braking • major engine OEM-specific coverage the fuel, air induction, and diagnostic solution • electronic signal processing and sensor modern technology extr features include: • Up-to-date NATEF coverage • support of ASE certification test ready for diesel engine, medium-heavy truck, and also bus test series • A clear, obtainable writing style • combine of concepts learned • application to real-world practice • A wealth of photographs, illustrations, and step-by-step explanations through visual summaries

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Gus bright is a member of the faculty in the Truck and Coach regimen at Centennial college in Ontario, Canada. A diesel enthusiast, he currently teaches apprentice technicians the latest an innovation in trucks, buses, and also off-road equipment. That has functioned for more than 35 year in the industry, earning multiple profession qualifications and also creating technician curriculum because that both corporate and also college level education. He is also the author of Fundamentals of Medium/Heavy Duty Diesel Engines (Jones and also Bartlett Learning, 2017) and also co-author the Fundamentals of Medium/Heavy Duty Commercial auto Systems (Jones and also Bartlett Learning, 2017). A college graduate, he actively engages in used research regarded engine emissions, alternating fuels, and also HD electric technology.

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Table that Contents

Part 1 structure and safety and security Chapter 1 advent to Diesel Engines thing 2 Careers, Employability Skills, and also Workplace practices Chapter 3 Safety, personal Protection Equipment, and first Aid chapter 4 straightforward Tools and also Lubricants thing 5 Fasteners, Locking Devices, and also Lifting Equipment part 2 Diesel Engine Fundamentals chapter 6 straightforward Engine Terminology and also Operating values Chapter 7 Diesel Engine Emissions thing 8 Diesel Engine combustion Systems component 3 Engine Construction and also Operation chapter 9 Cylinder materials Chapter 10 Cylinder Blocks and also Crankshafts chapter 11 Cylinder Heads and also Valve Train Mechanisms thing 12 Diesel Engine Lubrication solution Chapter 13 Diesel Engine Cooling Systems part 4 Diesel Fuel and Fuel solution Chapter 14 Diesel Fuel Properties and also Characteristics chapter 15 Low-Pressure Fuel systems Chapter 16 features of High-Pressure Fuel solution Chapter 17 Hydraulic Nozzles chapter 18 Governors chapter 19 multiple Plunger Injection Pumps thing 20 mechanical Distributor Injection Pumps thing 21 digital Signal Processing ethics Chapter 22 Sensors thing 23 digital Distributor Injection Pumps chapter 24 electronic Unit Injectors and also Unit Pumps chapter 25 Cummins Unit Injection systems Chapter 26 HEUI Injection solution Chapter 27 common Rail Fuel Systems component 5 air Induction and also Exhaust systems Chapter 28 wait Induction systems Chapter 29 fixed Geometry and Wastegated Turbochargers thing 30 change Geometry and series Turbochargers chapter 31 Exhaust Gas Recirculation chapter 32 charge Air Cooling chapter 33 Exhaust Aftertreatment systems Chapter 34 Exhaust Systems and Engine Retarders chapter 35 On-Board Diagnostics part 6 OEM company Information and Engine systems Chapter 36 Navistar chapter 37 Detroit Diesel thing 38 Caterpillar chapter 39 Volvo–Mack and PAACAR component 7 Engine Electrical, Hybrid journey Systems, and alternative Fuels thing 40 Commercial car Batteries chapter 41 progressed Battery modern technologies Chapter 42 Servicing Commercial car Batteries thing 43 Heavy-Duty starting Systems and also Circuits thing 44 Charging solution Chapter 45 electric Wiring and Circuit Diagrams chapter 46 Hybrid drive Systems and Series form Hybrid drives Chapter 47 Allison EV drive Hybrid device Chapter 48 alternate Fuel Properties and Characteristics chapter 49 natural Gas combustion Systems