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Game of Thrones Season 8, episode 3: “The lengthy Night” / battle of Winterfell conversation Thread

Theresa DeLucci


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Melisandre! She’s back and gifting the end fire left and right. Give thanks to god, because I could not have been able come see most of the episode without her magic flames. Melisandre’s is type of a large death. She’s a long-time castmember that casts a lengthy shadow… Out of her vagina. That ranks she as one of Thrones‘ enlarge baddies-turned…. Well, no outright good; mainly still quite dangerous. I loved the light in her final scene, as she take it of she necklace, aged right into her true form, and died in the dawn. Haunting and also yet abrupt.

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We additionally lost my favorite depressive, Dolorous Edd, that one bloodrider of Dany’s, Beric Dondarrion, and tiny Lady Lyanna Mormont, that was crushed favor a pest yet still uncovered time come take under a male ten times her size. The smallest warrior felling the biggest. It was an emotional death scene that recognized the lose of an unforgettable character. My heart broke more for her 보다 for anyone rather tonight.


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Personally, I would certainly rather have actually watched Jon fight the Night King there in former of Bran and then have actually Arya steal his thunder v her leap attack and also sick knife drop. Due to the fact that Jon? that yelled at a dragon. That was kinda it.

God, how countless times have actually we heard the “no one” deserve to take down the Night King. Well, a girl is no one, after ~ all. Ns loved watching Arya’s moves tonight. She’s no a hack n’ cut knight, she is an assassin. I thoroughly delighted in her scene stealthing through the crypts—finally, the Walking Dead/Game of Thrones crossover I’ve wanted!

I mean, I’m certainly not unhappy the Brienne still can get to wildlin’ through medtox.orgmund or the maybe, maybe Grey Worm will sooner or later sip mojitos ~ above a sandy beach and that CleganeBowl is still on track. I’m do the efforts to be optimistic and hope there’s still some big surprises to come in King’s Landing.

Because as soon as you defeat the White Walkers, acquiring killed through Euron Greyjoy would certainly be the most pathetic, enraging thing ever.


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Final thoughts:

So Bran is the Dr. Stephen strange of this franchise and he witnessed the one scenario the would work to defeat the White Walkers. Bran being conserved by the dagger that once tried to death him to be poetic.The dragon order alternated in between thrilling and also confusing as hell. If ns didn’t check out the preview for next week, ns wouldn’t be certain that Rhaegal survived. Good thing, too, because I couldn’t take an additional dragon gone from the world.I could barely monitor what medtox.orgmund, Jaime, and also Brienne were doing, too. I suspect they’ll satisfy their epic fates in King’s Landing, where I think Jaime is destined to come to be a Queenslayer. Tyrion killing Cersei simply wouldn’t have the exact same weight.You’d think we’d acquire to see someone reacting to the reanimated corpse the a great friend, like say Sam and Edd, yet nope. Why even have zombies then?!The Hound protecting his murder-daughter was sweet.I love every moment with Sansa and also Tyrion in the crypts. Tyrion kissing Sansa’s hand prior to they jumped into the fight to be moving.I love the score tonight, particularly as it built towards the confrontation in the Godswood.Next week: Cersei really thinks she’s obtained this.

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