About Ain"t Goin" under ("Til the sun Comes Up)

"Ain"t Going down ("Til the sun Comes Up)" is a song co-written and also recorded through American country music artist Garth Brooks. It was released in July 1993 together the lead solitary from his album In Pieces. The song also appears on The Hits, The restricted Series, The ultimate Hits, and dual Live. The assignment of the song has varied from album to album, and also is likewise spelled "Ain"t Going down (Til the sunlight Comes Up)." The tune was created by Brooks, Kent Blazy and Kim Williams. That is in the an essential of G Major. An ext »

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Six o"clock top top Friday eveningMomma doesn" t understand she"s leaving"Til she hears the display screen door slammingRubber squealin" gears a jammingLocal country station simply a blaring top top the radioPick that up at seven and also they"re headin" to the rodeoMomma"s on the prior porch screamin" out her warningGirl you far better get your red headBack in bed prior to the morningNine o"clock the present is endingBut the fun is simply beginningShe knows he"s anticipatingBut she"s gonna save him waitingGrab a bite come eatAnd then they"re heading come the honkey tonkBut loud crowds and line dancingJust ain"t what they really wantDrive out to the boondocks and also park under by the creekAnd where it"s George Strait "til actual lateAnd dance cheek to cheekAin"t going under "til the sun comes upAin"t givin" in "til they acquire enoughGoing "round the human being in a pickup truckAin"t goin" under "til the sunlight comes upTen "til twelve is wine and dancingMidnight starts the difficult romancingOne o"clock that truck is rockingTwo is coming, tho no stoppingBreak to examine the clock at threeThey"re appropriate on wherein they want to beFour o"clock get up and goingFive o"clock that rooster"s crowingAin"t going down "til the sun comes upAin"t givin" in "til they get enoughGoing "round the civilization in a pickup truckAin"t goin" under "til the sunlight comes upSix o"clock on SaturdayHer people don"t understand he"s ~ above his wayThe stalls are clean, the equines fedThey speak she"s base "til she"s deadWell below he comes about the bendSlowing down, she"s jumping inHey mom, you"re daughter"s goneAnd over there they walk againAin"t going down "til the sunlight comes upAin"t givin" in "til they get enoughGoing "round the world in a pickup truckAin"t goin" under "til the sun comes up

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Garth Brooks Troyal Garth Brooks (born February 7, 1962) is one American country music artist. His eponymous first album to be released in 1989 and peaked in ~ number 2 in the US nation album chart while climbing come number 13 on the Billboard 200 album chart. Brooks" integration that rock elements into his recordings and live performances has earned him tremendous popularity.

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This progressive approach allowed him to conquer the country single and album charts while conveniently crossing over right into the mainstream pop arena, exposing nation music come a larger audience. Much more »