Gilboa a series of rifles, SMG's and DMR rifles produced by silver- Shadow Israel & Gilboa USA in calibers varying from .223 REM, 9mm, 7.62X39mm, and 300 Blackout. Gilboa is an innovation of the AR15 platform, which is the an individual weapon of an option for plenty of units an international and is one of the world's many common attack rifle additionally produced in a variety of countries. These rifles are made in semi-automatic just for the civilian market.

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Gilboa SNAKE dual Barrel AR15 Rifle Features

Caliber 5.56x45Method of operation Gas impingementWeight without magazine 12lbsOverall length: 35.5 InchesBarrel length: 16 InchesBore qualities Chrome inside wall 1:7Firing mode Semi autoTakes Two conventional AR15 magazines (Comes v oneproprietary 60 round double AR15 mag) format magazine might vary.UPC810703030019

Gilboa double Barrel line Rifle (Gas impingement)

The double barrel line rifle concept was occurred by silver- Shadow to boost combat fire performance by firing two rounds there is no the delay and recoil the a to ride bicycle mechanism.The snake will enable faster traversing in between multiple targets by permitting two ring on target through each double, side-by-side trigger pull. Therefor minimizing time top top target prior to moving come the next target.Based top top the Gilboa® AR platform, the snake has actually a broader upper and lower receivers to incorporate the 2 independent firing systems. The two parallel barrels space 3 centimeter apart from the bore center and also can be calibrated for allude of impact with independentadjustment screws top top ether barrel.The Lower and the combined stock is made from composite materials, help our with weight. Back a twin barrel AR15 rifle may not be for every client it definitely is an interesting and also amazing example of modern-day engineering the is certain to it is in a collectible in the future and also a good conversation piece.

Comes v one magazine and also hard case, optic in images NOT included

Pistol grip style may vary

Please Note:$75.00 Fedex ground Shipping in the reduced 48 claims AK & hi $150.00

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