We’re gift asked to determine the all at once rate-law expression because that the reaction below:

A2 + 2B → 2AB

Recall the therate lawonly concentrates on the reactant concentrationsand has actually a general type of:

rate law=kAxBy

k = rate constantA & B = reactantsx & y = reactant orders

When a reaction device is given, the rate law deserve to be identified using the slow stepin the reaction mechanism.

You are watching: Given the following proposed mechanism, predict the rate law for the overall reaction.


Given the following proposed mechanism, suspect the rate legislation for the overall reaction.

A2 + 2B→ 2AB (overall reaction)


A2⇌ 2A fast

A + B → abdominal muscle slow

A. Price = k

B.Rate = k

C.Rate = k1/2

D. Rate = k

E. Rate = k 1/2

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