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"We were Bad, however Now We"re Good" is a memorable quote indigenous the parody song "The Sex Offender Shuffle" through YouTuber Scott Gairdner. In April 2019, a screenshot indigenous the music video became a meme expressing faux feelings of redemption.


On November 30th, 2009, YouTuber Scott Gairdner post a video clip parody the the song and music video for "The Super key Shuffle". In the song, the sex offenders featured sing, "The state that Florida has asked united state to disclose our sex-related crimes to you. Us were bad, however now we"re good. We"re relocating to her neighborhood." In a tiny over 10 years, the video received much more than 35 million views (shown below).

The earliest known consumption of the screenshot together a image was published by add <1> user Silvermoon424 ~ above April 11th, 2019. The article received much more than 3,300 see in less than one year (shown below).



On June 21st, 2019, Redditor <2> Billyjack2002 post a variation through the caption, "When you and your friend transform from iFunny to Reddit." The short article received an ext than 245 clues (99% upvoted) and also 20 comments in much less than one year (shown below, left).

Later that year, Redditor<3> Shad0w2 common a variation through the subtitle "Multi-million dollar service providers after planting 5 trees." Within three months, the post received much more than 37,000 points (97% upvoted) and also 195 comment (shown below, center).

On December 22nd, Redditor<4> PrototypeGiga shared a version through the caption "Minecraft spider as soon as the sun rises." in ~ one month, the write-up received more than 47,000 points (97% upvoted) and also 175 comments (shown below, right).


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