Cayman islands weather in might wastes no time in acquiring hot—and rainy.

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The hugely popular Caribbean cruise harbor at grand Cayman attracts more than 1.6 million cruise visitors every year, follow to the Caribbean tourism Organization.

Nearly 400,000 much more visit the Caymans for multi-night vacations.

The grand Cayman cruise port is a popular destination in component because that its convenient location for west Caribbean cruises. It likewise has several significant attractions including Seven Mile Beach, Stingray City and the Cayman turtle Farm.

But it likewise attracts visitors who want to experience warmth weather. The average weather in might delivers it with ease. However the risk of rain is another matter.

Cayman islands Temperatures in May

The average high temperature in might is 90 levels Fahrenheit or 32 levels Celsius, follow to the nationwide Meteorological business of the Cayman Islands.

That high temperature renders Grand Cayman one of the warmest destinations in the Caribbean during the month. The island additionally is among the warmest in the an ar for the entire year.

The mean low temperature, i m sorry takes place greatly at night, is 72 degrees Fahrenheit or 22 degrees Celsius. Night temperatures might sometimes feel cool sufficient to need a irradiate jacket if outdoors.

They additionally may feeling cool enough to do water temperatures a little uncomfortable early in the morning when linked with trade winds.

Rainfall in May

Grand Cayman typically delivers warmth temperatures in May, however it likewise delivers much more rainfall.

The island has actually a dry season the runs indigenous January through April, which also are the peak months because that western Caribbean cruises that avoid there. Rainfall averages much less than 2 inches a month, the national Meteorological service says.

The mean jumps to almost six customs in May. That climbs every month till it get an historic high suggest of almost nine inches in October throughout the most active time the the Caribbean hurricane season.

That historical average of 6 inches in May is among the highest quantities of rain amongst the Caribbean destinations.

Many Caribbean destinations have actually a brief and mild increase in rain throughout May. The level autumn in June for most of these destinations except for grand Cayman.

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Should You go in May?

Travelers that like warm weather will find that going come the Cayman archipelago in may should deliver what castle want.

But the jump in typical rainfall bring the threat of negative weather, cloudy skies and also less time on the island’s beaches.

April is a far better choice for heat weather with less chance the rain.

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Scott S. Bateman is a experienced journalist who has actually traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean and also the Americas. The is the writer of 4 books around cruising in the Caribbean, Alaska and Mexican Riviera.