Hey other traveler,I would choose to share with you what I have learned from life in the two greatest cities in Mexico. The experience is from 6 months living in in between the two cities for an identical amount of time. However, an initial I’d choose to state some facts and basic history for a communication of comparison. This helps understand the opinions and also perspectives that the locals. Ns encourage you review the entire post to get the big picture because that you to do the finest travel choices because they are both enjoyable for solo travelers. Below is what will be spanned in this article:

HistoryClimateThings to DoDating & PeopleSummary
Building mural
Guadalajara Ranchero
Avenida Chapultepec
Avenida Mexico
Casa Bariachi
Lucha libre
Street flooding



The background of Guadalajara started in 1532 as soon as it wassettled through the Spanish, and also in 1542, it to be officialy founded by Basqueconquistador Cristóbal de Oñate, father of the famed Juan de Oñate. In thecolonial period, Guadalajara was the capital of Nueva Galicia, one autonomouskingdom the the Viceroyalty of new Spain, and the seat of the imperial Audiencia ofGuadalajara, one appellate court. When Mexico gained independence and also became arepublic and Nueva Galicia came to be the State the Jalico in 1823, Guadalajarabecame the state capital.

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Much sooner than the history of Guadalajara, Mexico City wasfounded as Tenochtitlán through the Nahuatl-speaking Mexica people in 1325. Later itbecame the resources of the Aztec empire 1428 under the reign of Itzcoatl. Afterthe Spanish beat the empire decisively in 1521, the city to be renamedMexico. And since then, it has actually played the function as the capital: the capital ofthe Viceroyalty of brand-new Spain (1521-1821) and also the funding of Mexico.

Like Washington D.C,. Mexico City to be detached indigenous the State of Mexico to end up being a commonwealth district in 1824. This federal district, however, terminated in 2016, and the city was granted higher autonomy favor a state. Through its essential status, Mexico City undergoes all the main events in the post-independence background of Mexico.

The population of Mexico City, CDMX, outnumbers the of Guadalajara, the resources in the State that Jalisco.Their populations in 2015 room 8,918,653 and 1,460,148 occupants respectively. Mexico City is geographically the biggest city in the western hemisphere and also it is as populated as the brand-new York city area. Guadalajara is comparable to the Phoenix metropolitan area. This way the difference in populace between the 2 largest metropolitan areas in Mexico is much better than that in the USA (between brand-new York and also Los Angeles) and in Japan (between Tokyo and also Keihanshin).



In regard come climate, both urban are typically warm. Guadalajara has actually a humid subtropical climate through a hot and also humid summer. Guadalajara shares its attributes of climate v Houston, Tokyo, and also Buenos Aires. Friend will find a rainy season where it rains number of times a week for 1-2 hours between July-August. Unfortunately this brings in numerous mosquitoes so if girlfriend don’t have screens on your windows, which are almost non-existent in Mexico, buy mosquito repellent. Actually, ns think mesquitoes space the key reason locals wear long pants and also long sleeve shirts. Reports of dengue heat from mosquitoes carry out make the news so take vigilance.

I to be shocked to watch hail storms in Guadalajara due to the fact that I believed they just happen throughout cold weather. In the month of August, there was a hailstorm at the very least once a week causing traffic chaos, power to go the end from fallen trees hitting power lines and also flooding. Even just an hour of rain brought about minor flooding approximately chapultepec making the very difficult for go around. Ns didn’t an alert any flooding in Mexico City yet I also experienced less rain there.

Mexico City is at a higher elevation hence the cooler weather, much less humidity and most importantly less mosquitoes. Both urban feel warmth in the day time if cool in the night time. I haven’t competent the summer in Mexico, but the winters will certainly be warmth for a quick time throughout the day and also chilly weather after sunset. Suppose it to get roughly 50º fahrenheit/10º celcius in November-December.

Things to Do


The key tourist attractions in Mexico City and Guadalajara are historical monuments. Mexico City and its adjacent states are home to various UNESCO people Heritage Sites:

University CityLuis Barragán StudioTeotihuacánPopocatépetlXochicalcoAqueduct that Padre Tembleque

Some other notable places are Chapultepec Castle, Tlatelolco, the Basilica of our Lady that Guadalupe. Guadalajara is residence to the world Heritage website of Hospicio Cabañas, and also there is one more World Heritage website in the State the Jalisco: the Agave see of Tequila.

I stayed in Guadalajara an initial so I have the right to tell girlfriend the mostcentralized and also walkable community is Colonia American located by avenidaChapultepec. Guadalajara is recognized to have the many expats native the UnitedSates, although ns not certain if that’s a fact but you can discover a grasp offoreigners if girlfriend walk about all day. Centro is additionally a walkable and livablearea, it just gets quieter in ~ night compared to av. Chapultepec. If you have acar or want more luxury Providencia in the west is because that you.

I invested time visiting parks, bars, cafes, gyms, nightclubs,musuems, festivals, tequila tours and also lucha libre. A many of places are locatedbetween chapultepec and centro.

While that not easy to uncover events also on Spanish websites,you can uncover something come do virtually every job of the week. It’s best to asklocals, digital chat forums or bloggers like me due to the fact that you won’t watch muchpublicity or advertising.

Sundays room well spent in between av vallarta and Chapultepecwhen car traffic is closed in between 8am-2pm where you deserve to spend the daywalking or biking amongst the locals. Countless bars are situated by chapultepec yet toget to several of the finest clubs friend will need to take a automobile 10-15 minutes fromColonia Americana. Some bars hosts international student parties during theweek. Look at for an ext details in my video clip of Guadalajara nightlife.

For Mexico city, likewise known together CDMX, you have many an ext choicesalthough whatever is spread out and longer to reach. Many expats remain in thesafe upper class areas called La Condensa, Polanco, Juarez, and also Roma. Thoseareas only have a fraction of the things obtainable in Mexico city. Simply asGuadalajara, friend can uncover parks, bars, cafés, gyms, museums, and festivals.

Surprisingly over there are less gyms to select from in LaCondensa climate you can find in Guadaljara’s equivalent Colonia Americana.Although, ns discovered an ext festivals and of much better quality in Mexico City. Thefamous Teotihuacán pyramids are easily accessible for a day trip just 45 mintues awayby car. Centro that Mexico City gets an extremely dense v pedestrian trafficespecially top top the weekends so bring your camera because that the museums and localartists. Polanco also has a small park v artists performing for you.

Personally, i don’t choose La Conensa as well much due to the fact that it doesn’t feel authentic like Juarez simply north or Roma to the east. Few of the interesting bars I witnessed where: Mama Rumba, La Terraza, Pong Bar, Pata Negra, and also La Peralta. If you reap reggaeton prefer me, then you won’t discover a ar which just plays reggaeton since the locals say, “puro reggaeton” bars tempt young criminals and trouble makers. Yet La Peralta and also Pata Negra both beat a mix of latin music which has reggaeton.



There is no competition right here as web traffic is much worse in Mexico City. The populace is much higher so even with a underground subway system and buses, website traffic gets to a gridlock in between 5pm-7pm. In Guadalajara it shows up there are an ext buses that operation every 5-15 minutes although that’s just on details routes. You have the right to use the Citymapper application to assist you v routes yet timing is never ever accurate and also wait times will certainly be much longer after 7pm. I’ve taken buses before sunset to and from centro and also never competent issues.

Mexico City additionally has 3 bike rental programs: Mobike, Ecobici, and also Jump so I extremely recommend those if you desire to get about with much less traffic. Guadalajara has actually only one bike-share program however with numerous stations around. You need to be extra alert when biking. Both cities, vehicles have right away and also pedestrians are only an afterthought. Perform not take a change of obtaining run over.

While Uber works in both cities consisting of the airports (as of so late 2019), I’ve had actually frequent worries with motorists taking extra long to pick you up. A driver deserve to accept your ride request but will wait without moving in really hopes of you come cancel and also for castle to collect the cancellation fee. The other problem is when they expropriate your ride request, they will drive in one or take a longer route to choose you up. I’ve had actually to wait up to 15 minutes because that a driver even they they were clearly 1-2 kilometers away. Ns can’t confirm that they perform that in really hopes of you come cancel the ride, yet other however, have evidenced that it wake up to them as well.

Also if you arrive at the MEX airplane you deserve to expect her ride to it is in an hour going towards La Condensa throughout the day. When I arrived late night, ~ 10pm, every time that was only a 30 minute ride through Uber.

Dating & People


Just a bit of a disclaimer here because I’m sure not anyone will have actually the very same perspective. The complying with opinions room from a solitary caucasion male and do no represent every one of Mexicans no one Latinas. Many importantly is the the stereotype and majority of mexicans in the United claims are considerably different than the majority of Mexicans found in Guadalajara and also Mexico City. I median it’s almost shockingly different. I never thought ns would gain Mexico therefore much and the world would be so friendly.

To be an ext specific, the stereotypical “Latina curves” your friends bragged around are not really common in Mexico. You need to go come Colombia or Brazil for that. To differentiate a light-skinned mexico girl that Spanish origin, she will certainly have very thick, black color eye liner above and below her eye, dark brown eyes, a pale white basic blush boosting her whitness and deep red lipstick.

While obesity is rampant and Mexico is known to be the many obese country, ns did no see much obesity in Guadalajara nor Mexico City. These said cities have actually a high lot of white, slim, “Spanish” bodies. Some are as slim and petite together Asians. No joke!

Another element to consider is the social-economic course of people. Most of my dates have been with middle class girls definition they have permanent jobs and are semi-independent. Part say “fresas” are taken into consideration anyone that costume nice and not lower class but I’m quiet not sure what qualifies a “fresa”. Since plastic surgery is inexpensive in Mexico, the many voluptuous women you will certainly see, you have the right to bet have had actually plastic surgery.

Tapatias is the surname for the locals that Guadalajara, for this reason I will certainly tell you around their culture. Most Tapatias I have met, male and female, do not speak English and also have very little experience traveling. They say that their city is the finest in Mexico so ns don’t understand if that qualifies together a reason to be the finest place to live. If Tapatias room polite and also well-mannered, I’ve never received any type of stares or philosophies from them.

If friend speak Spanish, Tapatias have no problem giving you their phone number ~ a couple of exchanges of greetings and also questions, also if they have a boyfriend! The an overwhelming part is conference them because that a date. You can get responses from a “Hola, como estas?” yet getting them to fulfill you will result in excuses and flakiness. This occurred to me often, even with strong interest native the girl at the initial encounter. From my experience, 1 out of 5 number you get, 1 will an outcome in a date. It’s likewise common because that Tapatias in their 20s even 30s to still live v their parents. Although, I’ve never been asked to pay for the girl’s drinks, food, or uber ride.

Great dates I recommend are going to the parks top top the weekends like, Parque Colomos, gain drunk in ~ a round pit in glow Bar, pat billards at Orage bar, and also Cerveceria Chapultepec because that 19 pesos everything.

Before talking about girls in Mexico City, please note that the majority of Mexicans are conservative world and very family-oriented. They tend to live in family members of 3 generations and not stray much away indigenous the norms. Then there’s is Mexico city, where the locals are referred to as Chilangos. They space still conservative and also proud of your heritage however will be an ext open-minded without gift judged in your liberal city. This is the key here due to the fact that they won’t it is in shamed by their peers or family members members. Due to the fact that Mexico City has greater salaries, they can be more independent here.

Still Mexico City is still no a complete blown liberal town choose San Francisco or London due to the fact that females still remain feminine, dress well and also expect the male to be the leader. Stating all these facts, i was surprised to get stares from women in Mexico City uneven Guadalajara. You can confidently method a girl which renders eye call with you. It’s a an extremely high chance, she hasn’t had actually a foreigner boyfriend before and that she is not a “prepago”.

Mexico City is the just city I’ve been in which the girls have actually not garbage me no one felt awkward indigenous me pull close them to say hello. You can also do this to a team of guys and also girls. I’ve never ever experienced cock-blocking here since the girls space honest sufficient to tell you they have actually a boyfriend. The girls below won’t go home with friend the very first night you satisfy them however they will be charming through a confident personality. It is much easier to take it them the end in a job or two to a bar close to your house without them flaking last minute. If castle can’t satisfy you for every little thing reason, they will give you advancement notice.

Still it’s nothing favor Latin telenovelas due to the fact that most middle course women, especially from exterior the city will certainly have tiny to no experience with foreigners. Constantly lead the way and give guidance to make your date feel comfortable and safe.



Both are great cities in Mexico representative of amazing culture, delicious food, and festive people. Weather is similar being warm year-round v cool evenings yet there’s an ext rain and also mosquitoes in Guadalajara. Website traffic in Mexico city concerns a gridlock while website traffic in Guadalajara is much more tolerable. There room multiple public transportation choices and vehicles have right of method so constantly respect web traffic signs.

Tapatios are much more proud of their city and think Guadalajara is the ideal city in every one of Mexico for this reason they have actually less reason to travel and be interested foreigners. When the Chilangos are much more open-minded, friendly and also take attention in international topics. Do concerned Guadalajara if you want to live a slow-paced way of living with low prices in a for sure area eat delicious food. Do concerned Mexico City if you favor cooler weather, a little bit of chaos however still a slow paced lifestyle with delicious food, friendly people yet at a higher risk that danger.

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Both cities have actually beautiful slender and thick women, yet expect Tapatias to it is in a lot an ext conservative only speaking Spanish when Chilangas will be an ext interested in foreigners and be an ext independent allowing more dates in Mexico City.