The an initial gum because that many youngsters of the ‘80s was Chewels, the sugar-free gum through a liquid gelatin in the middle. What it price to to be squirting gum—the liquid popped out with the an initial chew—and if we’re being honest, squirting gum doesn’t sound nearly as good now as it go then. Probably that’s why it has actually been off the shelves for three decades.

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But because that a short time, Chewels to be the gum every kid had to chew. This is three points you might (or might not) have actually known about the flash-in-the-pan squirting gum.

1.) Chewels in reality debuted in the 1970s—1977, to be exact—as a sugar-free an answer to the initial gum through a liquid gel, Freshen-Up. To provide it the sweet taste, Chewels consisted of the controversial ingredient saccharin, which greatly disappeared from commodities shortly thereafter.

2.) The Chewels slogan was “Chewels tastes better.” that did.

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3.) Chewels to work savvy marketing come appeal to the youngest gum-chewers. Ads because that Chewels ran top top the radio throughout American optimal 40, and also this advertising was one of the first to air on MTV in 1981:

Chewels Gum Commercial

Then there to be this commercial, i m sorry starred pre-Karate Kid, pre-Adventures In Babysitting, pre-Cocktail Elisabeth Shue:

Alas, also an advertising project that embraced the music video change wasn’t enough to store Chewels on shelves beyond the mid-80s. And also it’s a shame, because while squirting gum might not sound as great now as it go then, any type of product that unveiled a commercial that looked choose a Cars video should have actually been a smash success forever.

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