Hail to the King is the 5th Dwarven Favour (Side Quest) for Brok & Sindri in God of battle 2018. This walkthrough will guide you with all goals of Hail to the King Favor and details the 3 key locations to enter the Konunsgard stronghold. You must beaten the story and completed 2 favors for Brok and also 2 because that Sindri in Midgard to get this final favor native them in ~ Brok’s Shop in Tyr’s Temple.

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Quest Giver: Brok (at among his shops)Reward: Runic strike “Fire of Ares”, Dwarven Armor recipe (Brok’s Armor + Sindri’s Armor), 3290XPTrophy: prefer Oil and Water

Hail to the King – beginning Location

The favor starts by talk to Brok in ~ his shop in Tyr’s temple. It’s only obtainable after the story and also after having done all other favors for Brok and also Sindri (2 because that each the them, check out the web links in rundown above).

Starting ar of “Hail come the King”, at Brok’s Shop

Go come Konùnsgard stronghold

Brok and Sindri phone call you about an armor worthy of the gods and send you come Konunsgard come investigate. As usual, mark the donate in your “Goals” and follow the waypoints. You’ll have actually to go into through the “Konunsgard” sea tunnel, just north the the forget Caverns. The red line in the image below shows the path you should take – you have the right to only walk by boat.


Use the Konunsgard Entry stone that Brok provided you to open up the gate leading to the search marker. When you with Konunsgard, speak to Sindri at his shop. Climate follow the waypoint downhill. There’ll be some poison fog i m sorry you have the right to freeze by throw the axe at it. The adversaries in this area are weak to the knives of Chaos. After ~ the poison fog you involved a pedestal in former of the stronghold’s key gate. The next objective begins.

Collect secrets to get in stronghold

Key place #1

The very first key is in level sight in former of the stronghold’s key gate, where the last objective has ended. You deserve to pick it up from the corpse and also place in ~ above the pedestal.

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Key place #2 – Left Side

We’re acquisition the path on the left first!

Follow the route on the left side all the means to the end. Halfway through you encounter some werewolves. A combo of your runic attacks and also Atreus’ arrows will make fast work of them. Take keep in mind of the blue “crystal holder” next to the werewolves. In ~ the end of the route there’s a rock ancient (screenshot #1). That won’t attack on that own however killing it may yield some resources for do the ancient Armor Set. Proceed up the route behind the rock Ancient and also push follow me the wall surface to the various other side (screenshot #2).