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Genre dance

Comment by The Lorax

helping me get thru a breakup

Comment by The Lorax

so good

Comment through Jackson Weber

only felt religion once I lie v you

Comment by Jackson Weber

such a dope synth! so melodic and also bright

Comment by Mercury_Scout

Idea because that this: Mari fell in love with Tohru, a young who's compelled to be in a mob due to his father yet is actually an extremely cool. They were lover for a brief period of time, yet Mari realized she and her household had to move as result of a project transfer. To be through Tohru, Mari had to join the mob, so she had actually to resign. Tohru's father, the ceo of the mob, is really kind as soon as those an initial resign, however when castle leave, he forces Tohru to kill them together punishment. Mari to be the an initial one to escape Tohru's test murder, however she shed an eye and a foot in the process.

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The shocking fact of who Tohru truly is (but not knowing that he's being compelled to execute it and also will be torture to fatality if he doesn't), the experience scarred she for life and changed her forever. When she had to move ago to town because of her dad having another job transfer, she is expecting to check out Tohru being a terrible person, when he's actually beginning to break free of his father's grasp as result of a new girl that he's collapse in love with,

Comment by Erin Kowalski

this is mine sh*t!

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