The song’s title is reminiscent of Primo Levi’s Auschwitz memoir where, in response to the protagonist questioning “Warum?” -“Why?”, a guard an answer “Hier ist kein warum” – “There… read More 

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The useless traction of an additional dayThe countless drags the a death rock boyMascara sure and also lipstick lostGlitter shed by restless thoughtsOf being forgottenAnd in her sad machinesYou'll forever stayDesperate and also displeasedWith whoever you areAnd you're a starSomewhereHe traction his hair under over a frowning smileA covert diamond you can not findA secret star that cannot shineOver come youMay the king of gloomBe forever doomedAnd in your sad machinesYou'll forever stayBurning up in speedLost inside the dreamsOf teenager machines
The useless drags, the north daysThe lonely towers of lengthy mistakesTo forgotten faces and also faded lovesSitting tho was never enoughAnd if you're giving inThen you're offering up'Cause in her sad machinesYou'll forever stayBurning up in speedLost within the dreamsOf teen machines
The song’s location is storage of Primo Levi’s Auschwitz memoir where, in an answer to the protagonist asking “Warum?” -“Why?”, a guard an answer “Hier ist kein warum” – “There is no why here.”

The location actually came from a tragedy and also atrocity of equal proportion to that of Auschwitz. Corgan describes in his 2012 reissue liner notes:

This title was appropriated native an articleI’d check out on an anniversary the the world’sfirst nuclear attacks. A survivor, in survey-ing a tradition of near-total devastation, had actually remarked in broken English that ‘Here isno why.’

This title was appropriated native an write-up I’d read on one anniversary the the world’s very first nuclear attacks. A survivor, in surveying a legacy of near-total devastation, had remarked in damaged English the ‘Here is no why.’ Looking at the twisted remnants that my own childhood memories, i felt a comparable sense of loss amidst mine confusion. Come hide several of my sorrow i couched those thoughts right into this glammed up tart that rings neither happy no one sad. In part respects this track doesn’t really fit in well among the others; being too maudlin because that its own good and as well strident to take it full advantage of its T-Rexian strut. But like its author ‘The fatality Rock Boy’, its most glaring defects are component of that lingering charm.

-Billy Corgan, 2012 Reissue Liner Notes


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