When Travis Tritt created "Here's a quarter (Call Someone that Cares)," which he released as a single in 1991, he was still dreaming of gift a country star, while functioning a regular job and also mourning the demise of his 2nd marriage. Little go he recognize that the song, which he played in concert on a whim one night, would come to be one of the biggest hits of his career. Below, Tritt recounts come The boot the day that he composed "Here's a Quarter," in his very own words.

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That to be a tune that I had written years before I ever came to Nashville. I was going with a divorce, and also I had actually been married twice prior to I ever was signed to a record deal. Before the audiences the end there ever before knew anything about me, ns was divorced twice, and also the 2nd divorce came about just prior to signing my record contract v Warner Bros. Ago in the late ‘80s.

I to be at residence one day. Mine wife had moved out in the center of the day, while ns was at work, and also I came home to usually an north house. I assumed I had actually been robbed: The prior door was standing vast open, the ago door to be standing wide open, and also you could see ideal through the house, and also everything that was in it was usually gone. Ns was sit in my living room, in among the one or 2 pieces the furniture that she had actually left behind, and also there was a knock on the door. It was from the sheriff’s department: They were serving me with divorce papers.

I satellite down, and also I started analysis through the divorce papers, and ns was analysis through them, the call rang, and it to be my soon-to-be ex-wife, calling me to, basically, say, “You know, probably I rushed right into this as well quickly. Perhaps we need to think about working that out.” I’m analysis through all of the divorce files as she’s talking to me. For this reason after the conversation, ns sat there and also thought to myself, "Do i really desire to take into consideration getting ago together in ~ this point?" A many water had gone under the bridge, obviously, between when we acquired together and also now. And, "Do ns really want to consider reconciliation in ~ this point?" and also that’s when the lyrics pertained to me for “Here’s a Quarter": “You say you to be wrong for leaving me alone / and you’re lonesome and also you’re fear / You speak you’d be happy if you can just come ago home / fine here’s a quarter, speak to someone who cares.”

I wrote that song in around 15 minutes; that just concerned me. It’s a song I wrote never considering to release it. I composed it due to the fact that it was a personal song because that me to pick me up whenever ns would get depressed over my personal situation.

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One night, once I to be just obtaining started, ns was on stage at Billy Bob’s together an opened act, and something claimed in the earlier of mine mind, “Play that song.” and also so i did it acoustically, and, immediately, the an answer from the audience was simply phenomenal, and I knew we had something that, if us ever made decision to relax it, was going to be a hit.