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All patrons space subject come search, and also all items might be inspected by protection upon entry right into the theater. Gates open 90 minutes prior to display time at the key (subject come change), No tailgating permitted. Not Permissible in the Bowl: Alcohol and/or controlled substances. There is no smoking in the amphitheater. Umbrellas and chairs. Cameras, audio and video clip recording equipment and also selfie sticks. Glass (including drinking glasses) and also aluminum can be ~ regardless the content. No drones are enabled on site at any time. Kegs, pony kegs and party balls. Reusable liquid containers (such as Camelback or Nalgene bottles). The complying with are allowable in the Bowl: Picnic baskets and also coolers no bigger than 15" by 22" lengthy by 15" high. Factory sealed non-alcoholic plastic bottles, one liter in dimension or less. Re-useable containers (such together Tupperware or sipper bottles) hold food or non-alcoholic beverages. Blankets or chair cushions.

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Parking Details

Customers are encouraged to purchase "Park & Ride" therefore they can avoid problems linked with parking at the Bowl. Park and Ride is $7 Round expedition (purchased in advance) or $12 CASH only (on the night that the concert).

Phone Details

* Laphil Summer Season - & access Seating: (323) 850-2000 * Playboy Jazz (310) 449-4070* MARIACHI USA Festival (323) 848-7717

Open hours Details

Monday might 8 - Friday might 12 & Sunday might 14: 10am-6pm Saturday might 13: 10am-3pm close up door Monday might 15 beginning May 16, 2017: 12pm come 6pm(Tues-Sun)

Will speak to medtox.orgrmation

We imply that customers come 2 hrs prior to show time to pick up ticket at will certainly Call, to avoid lines. For complete medtox.orgrmation around the will call policy at the Hollywood Bowl transportation please call the venue.

Children Seating Details

All patrons, age 2 and also up, must have a regular-priced ticket and sit in their ticketing location. Children under age 2 do not require a ticket. These concerts room no recommended because that young children.

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Hollywood Bowl transport Seating Chart

This seating chart because that the Hollywood Bowl transport is an approximation the the seating arrangemnt at the venue


Upcoming Events

A perform of the next upcoming events playing at the Hollywood Bowl transport - Los Angeles.