Hot Wheels celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018 through one of its best years ever. We referred to as our old friend and Hot Wheels-fanatic Bruce Pascal to check up on what’s adjusted since last year in regards to rare and valuable cars. His repertoire of more than 7000 items is valued at simply over $1 million. So he knows his stuff. What’s the difference between a 10-cent toy, and also one worth more than a actual Porsche Taycan? According to Bruce, low-volume models in original problem are the cream of the crop, even as soon as their age is reflecting. The true diamonds are models with unreleased colors or wheel combicountries. Pascal told us Hot Wheels deserve to usage as many type of as 30 different sets of wheels a year. It’s towards the end of the production run when the human being who assembling the cars begin dipping into various components buckets.

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That doesn’t suppose swapping parts on what you currently very own will certainly turn you into a celebrity at the following Antiques Roaddisplay. Pascal sassist that simply like via real cars, including aftersector parts or practice paint can actually deworth the original. The cheaper Hot Wheels, recognized as beaters, are worth a pair dollars, at the majority of. Even if they’re cheap, some are still highly sought after by artists and customizers that wish to cut prices in their restoration efforts. With Pascal as a guide, right here are the hottest Hot Wheels.


Reportedly the first Hot Wheels automobile to make the shift from the drawing board to manufacturing, the Enamel White Camaro was intfinished as a prototype for designers to use as a muse. Some of them were wrongly packaged and also sent to stores, however, making each one one more rare find.


The first Japanese import car to be cast as a Hot Wheels vehicle, the Datsun Z-car-motivated Z-Whiz was issued in 1977.

Rarity does not always beobtain worth, yet in the instance of the blue-colored Rodger Dodger version, it does: It was developed in ultralow volumes and also is very preferable.

Designed by Larry Wood, the Superfine Turbine was among three brand-new castings released in 1973. It was reissued in 2010.

The Red Baron is among the most well-known Hot Wheels of all time, and also it has been in manufacturing on aacquire and off aacquire for decades. Sensing a layout yet? It is the at an early stage manufacturing design via the white inner that sets this ultra-collectible Red Baron apart from those with black interiors.

Designed by Paul Tam, the Open fire is based upon a extended AMC Gremlin. Because if there"s one thing this world needed even more of, it was even more AMC Gremlin . . .

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The Olds 442 was issued in the the usual variety of Hot Wheels colors, but those through the combo of a red exterior and babsence interior are anomalies, believed by many kind of collectors to be pre-production pieces. Some authorities insurance claim that fewer than 15 examples exist this particular day.

Based on the vehicle of the exact same name designed by the legendary Ed "Big Daddy" Roth of Rat Fink fame, the 1968 Beatnik Bandit was among the original Sweet Sixteenager Hot Wheels issued in 1968. Available in about 18 colors, the Beatnik Bandit"s many sought-after hue is this ultra-rare pink. This is the version that brings the bucks.

Produced at Mattel infrastructure in both the United States and also Hong Kong, the Ferrari 312P is practically always found through a black interior. That provides examples that came with a white internal the raremainder of the bunch.

Hot Wheels offered many shades of blue, purple, and also magenta for its models, and it is easy for the novice collector to confusage them all. Bone up on your color-wheel skills and find the purple, because it is the raremainder of Mattel"s Bye Focal colors. This Spectraflame Purple Bye Focal version is likewise topic to "crumbling," a problem in which the body or chassis establishes cracks and also literally starts to crumble.

The automobile that would certainly become the Hot Wheels Python was initially called the Cheetah inside the agency. It was based on the Dream Rod developed by Kustom Kulture pioneer Bill Cushenbery. Before the decision was made to readjust the name to Python, a tiny number of Cheetah prototypes were assembled, and, predictably, a few escaped the confines of the Hot Wheels empire. Reportedly just made in red, these Cheetahs have been hunted by Hot Wheels collectors ever since.

Issued as part of the 1969 Hot Wheels series, the brown "31 Woody is thought about by some redline specialists to be incredibly rare. Many guesstimate that fewer than a few dozen exist, a number that contains some protokinds.

Hot Wheels Turns 50

Issued just in the U.K. as component of Mattel"s sponsorship resolve racer Ed Shaver, this version has actually been on the radar of collectors for years. According to experts, the only thing that differentiates the real Ed Shaver AMX from the more prevalent non–Ed Shaver models is the graphic therapy. Therefore it is crucial that, have to you come across one of these AMXs, you determine whether or not the stickers are sly reproductions.

Manufactured exclusively in Mattel"s Hong Kong facility in 1971, the purple Olds 442 is taken into consideration by many kind of collectors to be not only the raremainder Olds Hot Wheels car yet the rarest of all production redline Hot Wheels.

Made in between 1969 and 1971, the Custom Charger was an extremely renowned design. The exception is the brown variant, of which just a few are well-known to exist. Many type of collectors take into consideration it to be a prototype, not a series manufacturing model.

While there are many kind of lime or "antifreeze" Hot Wheels, this is a rare antifreeze-over-chrome-finish Camaro provided for advertising objectives. Made the exact same method as a Christmas ornament, the Camaro verified up in commercials through greater production worths, and just 20 Hot Wheels cars with this distinct finish are known to exist.

This Strawberry Over Chrome Mustang has a story to tell. Recently purchased at an estate sale after its owner’s fatality, it was part of a exclusive collection that resided via its owner in a trailer park. It’s among just 2 models and also, prefer the Over Chrome Camaro, was meant for declaring functions, was for interior usage only, and never marketed. How did it gain from the hands of Mattel execs to a mobile home? We might never before recognize.

Widely heralded as the many collectible Hot Wheels extant, the rear-loading Beach Bomb is a prototype that for years remained in the possession of a Mattel employee. Unique in that its surfboards pack through the rear home window, the Beach Bomb verified to be as well narrowhead and also top-heavy, so the architecture was reinserted via a slightly various variation that featured side-mounted surfboards and also a full-length plastic sunroof for a lower center of gravity. Although a few added duplicates in various colors regulated to slip right into public hands, only 2 Pink versions are recognized to exist.

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