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Born:1721England...(Show more)Died:April 2, 1787 (aged 66)England...(Show more)Title / Office:governor (1774-1775), Massachusetts...(Show more)Role In:American RevolutionBattle of Bunker HillBattles of Lexington and ConcordIntolerable Acts...(Show more)

Thomas Gage, (born 1721, Firle, Sussex, England—died April 2, 1787, England), British general who efficiently commanded every British pressures in phibìc America for an ext than 10 years (1763–74) however failed to stem the tide of rebellion as armed forces governor the Massachusetts (1774–75) in ~ the outbreak that the American Revolution.

Early life and also military career

Gage was the second son that the first Viscount Gage. He gone into the army in 1741 and also fought in Flanders throughout the battle of the Austrian succession (1740–48) however was recalled come England to combat the last Jacobite rebellion (1745–46). He offered with the fight it out of Cumberland’s pressures at the fight of Culloden (1746)—an encounter the conclusively finished Stuart claims to the brothers throne—before return to the Continent. In 1751 Gage was made a lieutenant colonel in the 44th Foot.


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Gage’s army career in north America started in 1754, when he sailed with his regiment to serve in the French and Indian war (1754–63). He participated in Gen. Edward Braddock’s disastrous campaign in west Pennsylvania (1754) and also survived the massacre that marked the finish of the expedition. In 1758 he sponsor at his own price the british army’s very first light infantry regiment, the 80th, and also served as its colonel in Jeffery Amherst’s effective operations against Quebec (1759–60). Gage was thereupon made governor of Montreal (1760) and also was advocated to major general (1761).

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Command in phibìc America and also outbreak that the American Revolution

In 1763 Gage thrived Amherst together commander in chef of every British pressures in phibìc America—the many important and also influential post in the colonies. Headquartered in new York, that ran a huge military machine of an ext than 50 garrisons and also stations stretching from Newfoundland to Florida and also from Bermuda to the Mississippi. He showed both patience and also tact in handling matters that diplomacy, trade, communication, native American relations, and also western boundaries. His great failure, however, remained in his assessment of the burgeoning freedom movement. As the main permanent adviser to the mother country in that period, the sent crucial and unsympathetic reports the did lot to harden the attitude of successive ministries toward the colonies.