just how to gain a Juggernaut suit in call of Duty: Warzone The Juggernaut suit deserve to guarantee wins in Warzone. Here"s everything you need to know about how to discover a Juggernaut drop in speak to of Duty: Warzone

Juggernaut in Warzone
Call of Duty: Warzone is the most popular game of 2020. With the very first season of Black Ops: Old War quick approaching, Warzone players can rest assured discovering the game they love isn"t walk anywhere. V a wide selection of different ways to play and win, Warzone has been giving its fans numerous doses of new and interesting content. Juggernaut suits made guest appearances in different LTMs, such as Juggernaut Royal. But now, it looks favor they"re here to stay.

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The Juggernaut suit will certainly make players practically unstoppable in Warzone. Aside from a concentrated barrage the bullets or a well-placed air-strike, the Juggernaut suit will certainly rip v anyone the stands in that is way. Over there come times when it seems unfair, especially when The Juggernaut camps the waiting traffic control tower. However, the Juggernaut suit"s power is graciously bonus to players willing come put effort into detect one. This article will walk players with where lock can discover the Juggernaut suit in Call the Duty: Warzone. 

Players have most likely noticed the enhanced rate in ~ which Juggernauts are showing up in your Warzone games. There"s virtually one guarantee in every match. Before, players had actually to count on luck if they want to find a Juggernaut suit. This came down to recognize red accessibility cards and opening the proper bunker. Players then had actually to hope they uncovered a Juggernaut drop within the bunker as well (which wasn"t constantly guaranteed).

While detect a Juggernaut drop inside a red accessibility bunker might still exist in the Warzone RNGs, over there is a way to guarantee a Juggernaut fall in every video game of Warzone played.

Players have the right to guarantee a Juggernaut for your team if they"re able to complete the Downtown Easter Egg. This requires landing Downtown on the structure with the dome roof. There, players will have actually to finish a collection of steps to complete the easter egg and access a mystery station via the subway. See the full tutorial listed below by YouTuber MrDalekJD. Inside the an enig subway stop, players will find progressed UAVs, a secret Bruen blueprint, every sorts the weapons, and, of course, a Juggernaut suit.

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In current days there has actually been one more game-breaking glitch in Call of Duty: Warzone that permits players to call in countless Juggernaut drops. Streamer and popular YouTuber JGOD post a glitch accuse on his channel, hoping that increased awareness will watch the glitch patched. Warzone has actually been notorious for having actually all species of exploitative glitches. Players surely hope that this countless Juggernaut glitch won"t carry over into Season 1 of Black Ops: Cold War, which has currently been delayed. We"d dislike to see one more stim-glitch instance on our hands.