How much is Kingston (Jamaica) from new York City?Here"s the fast answer if you have actually a personal jet and also youcan paris in the fastest possible straight line.

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Flight distance: 1,573 miles or 2532 km

Flight time: 3 hours, 39 minutes

Because the the curvature the the Earth, theshortest distance is actually the "great circle" distance, or"as the crow flies" i beg your pardon is calculated utilizing an iterativeVincenty formula. Because that a lengthy distance, this appears as a curve top top the map, and this is often the path that advertisement airlines will take for this reason it"s a great estimate that the frequent flyer mile you"ll accumulate together well.

This is a medium length flight, so unless you have actually a nice personal jet, you could be booking a advertising flight. In that case, your take trip time would certainly really need toinclude how many minutes to obtain to your neighborhood airport, waitfor security, board and also taxi ~ above the runway, land at the otherairport, and get to your destination. Scroll under to watch a more realistic calculation that takesinto account all these components to get a much more accurate estimateof her actual trip time.

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New York City to Kingston (Jamaica) airports and flights

In the fast calculation above, we assumed you had actually a privateplane and just wanted to know the time in the wait from city come city.But for many of us, we"re going come be flying on a advertisement airline(whether it"s first class or coach). So that method we really needto account for all the extra travel time gaining to the airport,waiting because that our flight, and also making it to the destination.

To give you a better estimate the real-life travel, we"veput with each other a trip itinerary with actual airports. Eventuallyyou"ll have the ability to customize this plan, picking your own airportsand flights. But for now, here"s an instance we"ve selected togive you an idea of how traveling can work between airports.

Departure airport: John F. Kennedy worldwide Airport (JFK)

Arrival airport: Norman Manley international Airport (KIN)

With the airports selected, we deserve to estimate the take trip time to andfrom the airport, based upon how far the airport is from downtown.

Getting come the airport: 38 minutes

Getting to her destination: 14 minutes

Now finally, let"s look at an actual trip from JFK to KIN on JetBlue and also figure out just how long that would take to fly includingtake-off and also landing, and time to taxi on the runway.

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Commercial flight time: 3 hours, 39 minutes

So currently we can ultimately get one idea that the full travel time fromNew York City to Kingston (Jamaica) consisting of time spent gaining to/fromthe airports, an estimated wait time that 2 hrs at the airport for TSAsecurity lines and waiting in ~ the gate, and also the actual trip itself.

Total travel time: 7 hours

To check out the details on this flight plan, includingrecommended airports, airline, and also route, check outthe trip planner:
new York City come Kingston flight time