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10 ways to elevate indigenous mediocrity to GREATNESS (from the lululemon ambassador Summit Conference)…


1. We space ALL type of a big Deal. Anyone is searching for the same things in life. To feeling included, worthy, and heard. Everyone has their own hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Most human being just need much more encouragement to see their complete potential.

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2. Learn to REALLY see people. When you can see someone you know that we are all connected and also we space all trying to find the very same things in life. To it is in loved and to it is in understood. Skip the society B.S talk and also speak come what yes, really matters. Ask people around their hopes, your dreams, and their GOALS! I have actually never felt more connected come a group of civilization I simply met. This is due to the fact that we talked around these things. We each want to check out each other and be seen. Autumn the ego, the titles, and just have actually fun!

3. Have FUN! Really have FUN and also don’t organize back! sometimes I gain so recorded up in the come do’s that owning a business and my family members that i forget to gain my life. So play, sing, eat, and sometimes continue to be up completely too late play Dance, Dance, Revolution.

4. Trust. Trust people. To trust Yourself. Trust the Universe.


5. Collection Goals and let civilization know how they can aid you reach your goals. Goals help you obtain clear around what you desire in life instead of learning trial through error what girlfriend don’t want. Walk Big. Dream Big. Base your vision top top what is feasible instead the what is plausible.

6. Surround yourself v uplifting and also inspiring people. End the three days I spent with the lulu ambassadors I never ever heard anyone complain. Everyone celebrated each other. It feels great to it is in heard and also to feel supported and also it feels an excellent to encourage and also support others.


7.GIVE! Give openly with out any expectations. That feels an excellent to give to others and also it feels an excellent to obtain from someone the you understand is not asking because that anything in return. I was so motivated by the number of people who offered to help me finish projects and the humble generosity the was available to us on our stay.


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9. “Too many people under worth what lock are an excellent at and also focus ~ above what they are not.” uncover your strengths and live them. Discover to become much more of that you currently are and use that to her advantage.