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On /r/trees, there’s a “highness scale” that human being use come indicate how high castle are. I love every the Ents in ~ /r/trees, and Im’a let girlfriend finish, yet that scale is not fairly the most beneficial scale of all time, because it’s relative. Ns realize nobody of this is fully scientific, and that every little thing is relative, and all that type of stuff, however “10 is the highest you’ve ever remained in your life” doesn’t quite reduced it because that me, due to the fact that I’ve checked out a the majority of ups and also downs and also everyone else will too. For this reason I like to usage a scale with well-known points ~ above it, as far as is possible.

For level 0 with 10, you should use this chart, i beg your pardon is as good as anything else I’ve found. It was originally created by Talisman, whoever s/he is, and I’ve in reality searched come give much better credit. I typed the in native this image, i beg your pardon I consider to be the actual source (or a copy, anyway) and much an ext artistic than my mere words.

0 Sober: totally normal, you feeling nothing the end of the ordinary.

1-2 Buzzed: you have the right to tell you room slightly high, things are more interesting, whatever seems “thicker”.

3-4 High: you room high, slim craving because that food, you tend to rigid at objects and also into space often, you feel relaxed yet somewhat in a daze.

5-6 really High: girlfriend are fully high, there is a slight vibration in your body, concentrating is hard, you’re having an extremely random thoughts. Placing together sentences is a challenge. Few if any audial hallucinations.

7-8 Blazed/Stoned: really high, vibrations and waves of euphoria rush through your body every 5 to 9 seconds. Expeiencing soft CEVs, every little thing dark has a sparkling texture, every little thing is brighter. Part audial hallucinations.

9-10 In Space: fully lost in thought, amazing pleasure, you feel favor a god, friend see solid CEVs, sparkling textures everywhere, whatever is brightened, mild/strong audial hallucinations.

My range merges with and attempts to extend Talisman’s scale even further right into the cosmic realm. I execute not attempt to directory the specific physical/mental effects, the means Talisman did, because it’s not essential or even possible from this suggest on. If you’ve got to these levels, you will certainly understand, and if you haven’t…you will recognize when friend do reach them. It’s based upon a many experience (almost 45 years), no to point out the unexpected trip I took yesterday, in which all the adhering to information to be dumped right into my brain like Buckaroo Banzai in the call booth.

10. This is the peak level high you must expect from cigarette smoking marijuana. If you deserve to move in ~ all, the is not very fast. If you’re no standing up…don’t even try.

11. You have uncovered the “secret level”! girlfriend didn’t think you could get this high by smoking cigarettes marijuana, and also you’re right, because…you can not generally get here without edibles. Girlfriend are entirely on the verge the tripping, but aren’t. The is intense as fuck however still light and happy. This is the exact same level as an “acid high”, i beg your pardon you suffer on one LSD trip both top top the method up and also on the way down.

12. Girlfriend are currently tripping. Congratulations and shot to hold it together.

13. You room tripping and also losing control. If friend don’t control to keep manage at this level (or above), you might well shed your mental temporarily or even permanently, and/or find yourself in an emergency room or mental institution. If you space on LSD (or similar), this is the component usually called “peaking”.

14. You have made it previous the peril zone, mostly. Yet you can re-enter the at any kind of time, literally through a single thought. Girlfriend can additionally become entirely enlightened v a single thought. This level and the next three are otherwise indescribable, and they (and her experiences) different mainly based upon the dosage you have actually taken…each level is basically a doubling of the previous dosage.

15. This is the farthest/highest ns have ever been, and it took 1,000 micrograms of LSD to obtain me there. As soon as is plenty, thank you!

16. Dude…

17. I can’t even…

18. You have actually now merged your consciousness v the universe. Friend no much longer need the internet to re-superstructure thoughts v others. You are also stone cold dead, completely alive, a bumblebee, a flower, a cat, Buddha, Jesus Christ, one alien, and God…simultaneously.

Intergalactic, man.

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None of this levels in reality require drugs, but a lot counts on your actual body, blood, and mind chemistry (some people were just not born to it is in the Buddha…and part were).

Most experiences have a general “cruising altitude” v some parts at a somewhat greater level (generally one or 2 levels higher). Many people mention the “cruising altitude” however it’s the highest level ~ above their endure that they will remember, since it’s the component that scared them the most, generally