Snakes room cool, creepy, and hardy animals that have the right to make good pets, depending on the kind of line in question. One thing snake owner love around their scaly pets is the they don’t have to be fed an extremely often. In fact, part snakes have the right to go weeks, if no months, without eating.

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It deserve to be an overwhelming to give a one-size-fits-all answer to how long snakes deserve to go there is no eating, though. A variety of factors affect a snake’s metabolism, such together the line type, snake’s age, and time of the year. Return these factors can affect the precise length the time, snakes as a whole can go much much longer than world without being fed.

To learn an ext about line eating habits and how lengthy they can go there is no food, read on. This post answers every your many pressing questions around snake appetite, diet, and more.

How long a Snake have the right to Go there is no Eating: A Closer Look

Image Credit: Ken Griffiths, ShutterstockGenerally speaking, snakes have the right to go a lengthy time without being fed or eating. Nearly all snakes deserve to last a few weeks, no problem. Similarly, most snakes can even last a couple of months. After ~ the two-month mark, details snakes will begin to starve.

That being said, some snakes have actually been well-known to go months and also even years without food. These snakes are generally very huge and not maintained as pets, though. Instead, they slither the jungle or make great exhibits at the zoo.

A native of Caution

It’s necessary to keep in mind that also though snakes can go much longer without eating 보다 humans, castle still require a regular eating schedule. If you go weeks or months in between feeding your snake, the will acquire sick and develop nutritional deficiencies.

In various other words, don’t shot to test just how long her snake deserve to go without eating. This will certainly only injury the snake. At the exact same time, girlfriend don’t have to concern if you are going out of city for a week. The snake will be fine going a pair of days there is no food.


Factors That impact How lengthy a Snake can Go without Eating

Image Credit: Mike Wilhelm, ShutterstockIn stimulate to know just exactly how long a snake deserve to go without eating, you will need to understand that different factors affect snakes’ metabolism rates. The many important factors to consider include the line type, age, and season of the year.

Snake Type

The most apparent factor that affects your snake’s line is that variety. Smaller snakes need to eat more frequently because they have a much faster metabolism. In contrast, bigger snakes have the right to go much longer in between feedings.

Two that the most famous pet snakes room Ball Pythons and also Corn Snakes. An adult ball Python needs to it is in fed every 10 to 14 days. Provided that Corn Snakes are smaller, they have to be fed every 7 come 10 days. These two snake species show the the dimension and form of the snake will affect its feeding schedule.


Age is one more factor that largely results the snake’s metabolism. Younger snakes need to eat much an ext frequently since they are farming at a fast pace. Current hatchlings and juveniles will eat every day to every other day, whereas adults only have to be fed once a mainly or less.

This element isn’t the surprising. After all, also human babies, children, and teens have to eat more than adult humans. Once again, this reality is simply since younger creatures are growing at a quicker pace, which way they burn off their food faster.

Time of Year

One element that may shock you is the the season or time of year affects how commonly snakes eat. Specific snakes go with brumation, i beg your pardon is very similar to hibernation. While snakes space brumating, your metabolism slowly down, and they protect against eating. This is most most likely to happen during the winter anytime food resources are scarcer.

Similarly, snakes eat much less whenever they room shedding. Line don’t commonly shed based on a certain season, but they burned on a relatively consistent schedule. As soon as your line is gaining ready to shed, that appetite will certainly decrease, and also it will certainly not eat together frequently.


Why Snakes deserve to Go there is no Food because that So Long

Image Credit: makindle55, PixabayEven if this factors influence exactly exactly how long a snake deserve to go there is no eating, all snakes have the right to go much longer without food 보다 humans. Why is that? The prize is fairly simple: the snake’s metabolic rate.

Shockingly, snakes have actually the capacity to reduced their own metabolic rates up to 70%. Anytime the metabolic rate drops, under calories are provided to assistance the body’s organic processes. Hence, line don’t have to eat as frequently because their previous meal lasts much longer for energy.

The famine Period

More so, snakes deserve to go so lengthy without food since their body have developed in together a way that lock undergo distinct processes anytime they enter the famine period. Lot like us, snake will start to burn their fat stores. This is a common way to make it through the start of scarcity for many animals.

After the snake has actually used up every one of its fat stores, what it will certainly do next depends on its species. Some snakes will actually break down the proteins in their body. The Rat snake is one varieties that does this. In contrast, other types will digest your hearts for energy or rise the size of your head so that they have an ext food options.

Eventually, the snake will certainly die if that does not find a food source. However, this may not happen until the snake has actually not consumed for one or 2 years.


Image Credit: jan Hejda, Shutterstock

How frequently should ns feed mine snake?

How regularly you have to feed her snake relies on that is species. Corn Snakes and other smaller varieties have to be fed as soon as every 7 to 10 days. Larger species like the ball Python have the right to be fed once every 10 come 14 days. It’s crucial to study the correct feeding schedule for your specific type of snake.

What must I feeding my snake?

Snakes are carnivores, which means they eat animal meat exclusively. In the wild, their diet is composed of eggs, frogs, rabbits, rodents, and other small animals. In captivity, snakes commonly eat small mice and also rats. It’s specifically a an excellent idea to feed your pet snake frozen mice specifically so that they don’t get injured native the computer mouse fighting back.

Why is my snake not eating?

If her snake is no eating, you perform not should stress immediately. Often, snake will prevent eating whenever they are beginning to brumate or shed. However, you might need to take your snake to the vet if the snake never ever enters into the brumation or shedding duration and is continuing to disapprove food.

The most typical reason that snakes do not eat is stress. Any type of routine adjust or stress will cause the line to no eat temporarily. The course, the snake will start eating again when the stressor is removed.

Snakes might not eat if they space sick together well. Problems such together mouth rot, parasites, and also nutritional deficiencies may reason your snake to no eat. It’s vital to take your snake to an exotic vet if you believe illness is behind her snake’s refusal of food.

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Final Thoughts

Because snakes call for less energy than us, they have the right to go much longer without food. Most types can go weeks, if no months there is no food. Some types are also known to go a year or two. The being said, it’s vital to feed her snake a consistent and healthy diet. Even though snakes deserve to go a lengthy time there is no food, it does not mean it is healthy and balanced for them.