How lengthy Does Mortar take to Cure?

As building projects progress, it have the right to be exciting to reach the last stages. Applying finishing touch to recently reconstructed or refurbished surfaces outcomes in eye recording aesthetics. Mortaring tiles or other masonry, to add a final polish to all your tough work. As with concrete, mortar requires cautious planning and also execution to make certain you accomplish the right cure strength and a strong finish. Let’s take a closer look in ~ what affect mortar healing time and also the staminas of different mortars.

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Mortar…Grout, what’s the Difference?


Mortar is a mixture of sand, water, lime, and also cement. The is offered to bond heavy materials with each other (like bricks and stones) and carry out structural integrity. That can additionally be supplied for thinner products (like tiles) to produce a bond in between the tile and also the substrate. Mortar has a reduced water content 보다 grout and should just be do with enough water to do it smooth and buttery in consistency.


Grout is a pour-able dough that is used to fill crevices or gaps in between tiles that is provided after the mortar has come to be set. It has a higher water content than mortar, which makes it less complicated to spread. As result of its thinner consistency, grout is no an enough substitute for mortar.


There are numerous different types of mortar and also each space ideally suitable for different applications. Each type cures to a different compressive strength and should be closely selected to make sure your mortar matches the cure stamin you need.


Thinset mortar is also known as dry set or dried bond mortar, It includes a water retaining additive the assists through the curing and hydration process. That is most typically used because that tiles and counter-tops. Thinset mortar takes in between 24-48 hours to cure. Thinset come in a range of mixes that space usable for a wide variety of tiles and materials. Each form of tile has different cure strength demands so make sure to pick the best mortar mix for your tile selection.

Brick Mortar

Brick mortar is do from Portland cement and is used for more structural and also load bearing projects. It will certainly reach 60% that its strength within the an initial 24 hours and also will take up to 28 job to with its complete cure strength. There are 5 species of brick mortar, and all cure differently than each other.

Type M

Type M mortar cures to a minimum toughness of 2500 psi and also is the strongest kind of mortar. The is offered for projects that have to withstand extreme gravitational forces and also hold big lateral loads.

Type S

Type S mortar is a medium strength mortar that cures to a minimum compressive strength of 1800 psi. That is typically used on exterior walls, patios, paving, and also other tasks where mortar comes in direct contact with the ground.

Type N

Type N mortar is common, general purpose mortar the cures to a minimum stamin of 750 psi. This type of mortar is frequently used for general masonry projects and to reinforce inner walls.

Type O

Type O is a low strength mortar that only cures to a minimum compressive stamin of 350 psi. That is just safe to usage on non-load-bearing interiors, superficial (non-structural) repairs, or on soft masonry like sandstone or brownstone. 

Type K

Type K is the lowest stamin mortar accessible and has a very restricted purpose. It just cures come a minimum toughness of 75 psi so it is primarily used for historical preservation. It is not supplied for anything structure or load bearing as result of its low cure strength.


Mortar typically will cure come 60% the its last compressive stamin within the an initial 24 hours. It will then take around 28 job to with its final cure strength. But the curing procedure does not always follow a universal timeline. There room a few key eco-friendly variables that impact your mortar cure time. Ambient temperature, air flow, the quantity of water provided in her mix, and humidity all influence mortar curing time. 


According to optimal concrete manufacturer TCC Materials, “normal temperatures space those in between 40°F-100°F (4.4°C-37.8°C). Cold weather then occurs as soon as ambient temperatures drop listed below 40°F (4.4°C).” as soon as you occupational within the typical temperature range, you have the right to expect your mortar to follow the typical cure timeline.

“Cold weather deserve to slow building and construction by influence the collection time and also strength breakthrough of mortar and grout. If weather gets listed below 40°F (4.4°C) in ~ 24 hrs for mortar and 24-48 hours for grout hydration that cement will avoid until temperatures become warm enough for hydration come continue.”

Waiting for heat weather is not constantly ideal or even feasible when you room adhering to a construction schedule. Utilizing curing blankets to safeguard your mortar during the curing process can store you on track and aid your mortar cure to full strength.

Air Flow

The chemical process of curing counts upon the mix remaining hydrated. High winds and fans will certainly strip her mortar the the humidity it requirements to remain hydrated and cure properly. For interior mortar work, consider turning off fans that have the right to impede the curing process. For exterior work, you will must make sure you safeguard your mortar from high winds and also possibly add much more moisture as it cures to mitigate cracking. Most mortar manufacturers will provide re-hydrating instructions for their certain products.

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Be certain to carefully follow your mortar manufacturer’s guidelines for mixing ratios. Her mixture should only contain moisture in stated amounts. Too much or too tiny water will not only adjust your mortar healing time and cure strength, the will additionally make it daunting to work-related with. 


Maintaining proper moisture levels is crucial for her cure time and final cure strength. That means that even the humidity in the air itself needs monitoring. If you are structure under incredibly low humidity, you may need come add an ext moisture her mortar to aid in the curing process. Functioning in high humidity can possibly rise your mortar cure time, however will require less moisture maintenance on her part.

Setting vs. Curing

Even despite mortar will not be totally cured, prior to long it will certainly become set enough because that you to move onto the next steps. After 24-48 hours, relying on the humidity and also ambient temperature, you have the right to begin applying grout. MORTAR SOLUTIONS

Concrete Curing Blankets

Few have actually the deluxe of restricting temperature sensitive work to heat weather days. Thanks to, over there is no i have lot of money off-season and also mortar job-related can continue all year long. Our concrete curing blankets deserve to cure 2.8 x faster than standard insulated blankets. We have the right to safely insulate her mortar and also protect the from losing heat and humidity throughout the curing process. Call us this day at 855.447.9358 or to discover the perfect curing options for her mortar needs.