Traditional Calendar

 Almost all schools will follow the traditional calendar in 2021-2022. Please note that College and Career High School follows the CNM Academic Calendar.

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First Day of SchoolTeacher and School Staff: Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2021Students: Wednesday, Aug. 11, 2021

Extended Calendar

The following 20 elementary schools follow the Extended Calendar: Armijo, Atrisco, Barcelona, Bellehaven, Bel-Air, Carlos Rey, Edward Gonzales, Emerson, Helen Cordero, Hawthorne, Kirtland, Kit Carson, Lavaland, Los Padillas, Lowell, Mountain View, Navajo, Pajarito, Tomasita, and Whittier.

First Day of SchoolTeacher and School Staff: Wednesday, July 28, 2021Students: Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2021Extended School Days

The following schools are not only extending the school year but also the school day:

School day is 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.: Atrisco, Bel-Air, Bellehaven, Emerson, Hawthorne, Kirtland, Los Padillas, and Lowell.School day is 8:50 a.m. to 4:20 p.m.: Lavaland, Pajarito, Whittier 

School Year 2021-2022 At-A-Glance

Traditional and Extended Year: Monthly View

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Traditional and Extended Year Calendars: Important Dates

First semester holidays, breaks, and conferencesDescriptionDateStatusLabor DayFall BreakElection DayVeterans DayParent / Teacher ConferencesThanksgiving BreakThanksgiving BreakWinter BreakWinter Break
Monday, Sept. 6, 2021Schools and Adminoffices closed.
Thursday, Oct. 7 andFriday, Oct. 8, 2021Schools closed.
Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021Schools closed.
Thursday, Nov. 11, 2021Schools closed.
Monday, Nov. 22 and Tuesday, Nov. 23, 2021No classes for students.
Wednesday, Nov. 24 -Friday, Nov. 26, 2021Schools closed.
Thursday, Nov. 25 andFriday, Nov. 26, 2021Admin officesclosed.
Dec. 20 - Dec. 31, 2021Schools closed.
Dec. 22 - Dec. 31, 2021Adminoffices closed.


Second semester holidays, breaks, and conferencesDescriptionDateStatusFirst Day of Second SemesterMartin Luther King, Jr. DayPresident"s DayElementary & Middle School Parent /Teacher ConferencesSpring BreakVernal Holiday Graduation WeekLast day of schoolMemorial Day
Teacher Training: Monday, January 3, 2022Students: Tuesday, January 4, 2022Schools on Traditional and Extended YearCalendars open. 
Monday, Jan. 17, 2022Schools and Adminoffices closed.
Monday, Feb. 21, 2022Schools and Adminoffices closed.
Thursday, March 17 andFriday, March 18, 2022No classes for Elementary and Middle school students
Monday, March 21 throughFriday, March 25, 2022Schools closed.
Friday, April 15 and Monday, April 18, 2022Schools closed. Admin officesclosed on April 15.
May 9 to 14, 2022Congratulations Grads!
Traditional Calendar:Wednesday, May 25, 2022Extended Year Calendar:Thursday, June 2, 2022
Monday, May 30, 2022Schools and Adminoffices closed.

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Contact the Communications Office by phone at 505-881-8421 or by email to request the calendars in alternative formats.