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A term of the supreme Court begins, by statute, top top the first Monday in October.Usually Court sessions continue until so late June or beforehand July. The hatchet is separated between"sittings," once the justices hear cases and also deliver opinions, and intervening "recesses,"when they think about the business prior to the Court and write opinions. Sittings and also recessesalternate at approximately two-week intervals.

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With rarely exceptions, each side is allowed 30 minute argument and up come 24 casesmay be suggested at one sitting. Because the majority of cases involve the testimonial of a decision ofsome various other court, over there is no jury and also no witnesses room heard. Because that each case, the Court hasbefore it a record of former proceedings and also printed briefs comprise the debates of eachside.

During the intervening recess period, the Justices examine the argued and forthcomingcases and work on your opinions. Every week the judge must likewise evaluate around 130 petitions seeking review of judgments that state and also federal court to identify whichcases room to be granted complete review v oral debates by attorneys.

When the Court is sitting, publicly sessions start promptly in ~ 10 a.m. And also conclude at noon, v occasional afternoon sessions booked as necessary. No publicly sessions are organized onThursdays or Fridays. Top top Fridays during and preceding debate weeks, the Justicesmeet to talk about the argued cases and to discuss and vote on petitions for review.

When the Court is in session, the 10 a.m. Entrance of the Justices into the Courtroomis announced through the Marshal. Those present, in ~ the sound of the gavel, arise and also remainstanding till the robed Justices space seated adhering to the timeless cry: "The Honorable,the chef Justice and the Associate judge of the supreme Court of the UnitedStates. Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! all persons having business prior to the Honorable, the the the united States, space admonished to attract near and also give their attention, for theCourt is currently sitting. God save the united States and this Honorable Court!"

Prior to hearing dental argument, other business of the Court is transacted. Top top Mondaymornings this contains the release of an bespeak List, a public report that Court action includingthe acceptance and rejection that cases, and the join of new members to theCourt Bar. Opinions are commonly released ~ above Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and also onthe 3rd Monday of every sitting, when the Court take away the Bench however no disagreements areheard.

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The Court maintains this schedule each Term until all cases ready for submission havebeen heard and decided. In May and also June the Court sits just to announce order andopinions. The Court recesses at the end of June, yet the occupational of the justices is unceasing.During the summer they continue to analyze brand-new petitions for review, consider motions andapplications, and must make preparations for instances scheduled for autumn argument.