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September 13, 2021Jesse White Reminds motorists to Report Defective license PlatesVehicles must screen front/back patent plates

September 10, 2021Jesse White Announces over 71,000 sports Team patent Plates have actually Raised more than $13 Million for Illinois Public colleges

September 9, 2021Jesse White Awards end $5.6 Million in Adult literacy Grants

September 8, 2021Jesse White warns Consumers to Beware of Flood-Damaged Cars caused by Hurricane IdaWhite states titles for potential overwhelming vehicles will certainly be carefully scrutinized in an extra initiative to protect consumers

September 3, 2021Jesse White expanding Driver’s License and ID map Appointment program to added Suburban facilities

September 2, 2021Jesse White Urges vehicle drivers to celebrate the job Day Weekend SafelyMessage to Motorists—Don"t drive Impaired or Distracted


august 25, 2021Secretary that State Jesse White expanding Appointment regimen to extr Chicagoland facilitiesLaunching considerable Plan to resolve Heavy client Volume at facilities Caused by COVID-19 PandemicExpanding remote rejuvenation program for DLs/IDs so more customers can renew online, by phone call or by mailAppointment PSA • appointment PSA - Spanish • appointment PSA Radio • appointment PSA Radio Spanish

respectable 23, 2021Secretary of State offices to close for labor Day

august 20, 2021White Awards end $18 Million in publicly Library per Capita and Equalization aid Grants

respectable 8, 2021Jesse White Announces Employees show Vaccination status or submit to COVID-19 trial and error

august 2, 2021Jesse White encourages Organ/Tissue Donation because that Virtual national Minority Donor Awareness Month


July 30, 2021Secretary that State Jesse White Launching substantial Plan to resolve the hefty Customer Volume at framework Caused through COVID-19 PandemicExpanding appointment regime in September to additionalChicagoland facilities expanding remote regeneration program because that DLs/IDs so more customers deserve to renew remotely

July 28, 2021Deerfield Driver services Facility come Close till Tuesday, Aug. 10

July 28, 2021Secretary the State Offices and also Driver Services framework to Reinstitute Mask plan Monday, Aug. 2

July 23, 2021New permanent Driver services Facility opening in east St. Louis on respectable 3

July 23, 2021Jesse White Awards end $1.4 Million in sponsor to school Libraries

July 21, 2021Klein & Mason Driver services Facility Closed till Wednesday, Aug. 4

July 19, 2021Secretary that State Jesse White’s Office to organize 14th Annual free Child safety and security Seat check Friday, July 23rd

July 19, 2021Jesse White Announces Spotlight Awards because that Outstanding proficiency Students and Tutors

July 9, 2021Jesse White concerns Reminder: Electronic vehicle Insurance verification Program has actually Begun

July 2, 2021Jesse White Urges chauffeurs to memory the 4th of July Weekend SafelyMessage to Motorists—Don’t journey Impaired or Distracted

July 1, 2021Secretary the State Jesse White Reminds citizens to be conscious of Scams Targeting IllinoisansScams show off emails or text messages asking residents to provide an individual informationDO NOT click on the links noted

July 1, 2021Secretary the State workplaces Closed for freedom Day


June 28, 2021Jesse White expand Driver’s License and ID map Expiration dates until January 1, 2022Consider conducting service online; avoid visiting infrastructure in excessive heat

June 19, 2021Juneteenth Flag increased at Illinois State Capitol building for first Time in State History

June 18, 2021Juneteenth Flag come be elevated at Illinois State Capitol building at sunrise Saturday, June 19

June 17, 2021Secretary the State offices to Close for Juneteenth top top Friday

June 16, 2021Benton Driver services Facility in the interim Closed due to Malfunctioning waiting Conditioner Unit

June 11, 2021Secretary the State Jesse White Reminds residents to be conscious of Scams Targeting Illinoisans Scams involve emails or text messages asking inhabitants to provide personal informationDO NOT click on the links detailed

June 8, 2021Secretary the State Jesse White Launching Electronic automobile Insurance VerificationProgram intends to crack down on uninsured motoristsThose who receive letters must contact their insurance company or agent; perform not visit a Driver services facility

June 7, 2021White Announces Reopening that Driver services Facility at the Thompson center in Chicago

June 3, 2021Jesse White Announces Winners of “Letters around Literature in Illinois” dispute

June 3, 2021White Announces Reopening the Chicago West Driver solutions Facility


may 28, 2021Secretary the State offices Closed because that Memorial job

may 26, 2021Secretary the State Jesse White Warns citizens to be conscious of Scams Targeting IllinoisansScams show off emails or text messages asking inhabitants to provide personal informationDO NOT click on the links noted

might 24, 2021White Announces new West Chicago CDL Driver services Facility to open Tuesday, might 25

might 13, 2021Jesse White Awards end $18 Million in building and construction Grants to four Public Libraries

may 10, 2021Jesse White Announces Prairie State college Driver solutions Facility to Open may 11Temporary place opens because of permanent facility under fix

may 6, 2021Jesse White Announces 17th annual Illinois arising Writers CompetitionEntry forms are now available; meeting is June 30

might 4, 2021Jesse White Calls because that a brand-new Dr. King Statue in addition to a more Prominent ar on Capitol GroundsWhite will add the first $5,000 come fund developing a brand-new statue


April 30, 2021Jesse White Reminds Public that Federal actual ID Deadline prolonged to might 3, 2023Urges citizens to use online services before visiting a facility

April 27, 2021Federal genuine ID Deadline prolonged to may 3, 2023

April 26, 2021Jesse White Reminds publicly of patent Plate Sticker Receipt LawAllows people to drive v receipt as proof of freshly purchased patent plate sticker virtual

April 23, 2021Secretary of State Jesse White Warns occupants to be conscious of 2 Scams Targeting IllinoisansOne scam involves a text blog post enticing inhabitants to provide their personal informationThe other entails fraudulent providers selling license plate sticker renewals

April 9, 2021Jesse White encourages Consumers to get involved in Money clever Week

April 7, 2021Midlothian Driver services Facility Closed until April 22

April 1, 2021Jesse White Unveils brand-new Organ/Tissue Donation CampaignHighlights White Sox Legend Ed Farmer"s transplant story


march 26, 2021Jesse White issues Reminder Urging residents to Conduct business Online When possible Online transactions up 75 percent over the critical nine monthsWhite additionally extends expiration days for driver"s licenses and also ID cards till Aug. 1, 2021

march 12, 2021Jesse White forgive Winners of 16th annual Illinois emerging Writers vain

march 9, 2021Roanoke Driver services Facility set to Relocate march 23Service at present location come close march 13

march 4, 2021Illinois Secretary that State Jesse White Announces present Investor risks


February 19, 2021Secretary that State Jesse White calls on drivers to move Over for stopped Emergency Vehicles

February 11, 2021Jesse White Awards over $1 million in care Act Grant resources

February 5, 2021New Bradley CDL Driver services Facility collection to open Feb. 23Facility situated at 1111 Blatt Rd. Scheduled to close Feb. 11


January 28, 2021Secretary that State workplaces to Close for Lincoln"s Birthday and Presidents job

January 15, 2021Secretary the State workplaces to Close because that Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Jan.

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January 4, 2021Jesse White problems Reminder together Driver solutions Facilities collection to Reopen Statewide morning (Jan. 5)Driver"s license and also ID map expiration days extended come June 1, 2021White continues to encourage online solutions as heavy customer volume intended