“Blue Bloods” star Donnie Wahlberg desires to repeat his TV and music fans that he’s thankful “for every moment.”

The tv star is also the frontman for the popular music group brand-new Kids top top The Block. He join the band back in 1986 and has filled up stadiums because with thousands and thousands of fans.

In preparation for his upcoming concert in ~ Fenway stadion in Boston, the “Blue Bloods” actor has actually been hyping increase his fellow “Blockheads” through messages the love and also support. Now, he’s gone for this reason far as to tattoo one blog post permanently ~ above his body.

“#loveeternal,” Wahlberg tweeted together with a black and white pic that the new ink. The word “Thankful” is tattooed across his forearm, and on peak of the picture, Wahlberg put the words, “For every moment.”