With the average Walmart store constructed over 180,000 square feet, you’ll likely need a hand locating specific items.

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One details item the is exceptionally hard to find is condoms. For this reason if you desire to know where prophylactics are in Walmart, we have actually the answers for you!

Where Are prophylactics In Walmart?

Walmart’s selection of condoms will normally be stationed follow me or close to the health and wellness aisle beside the men’s razors. Additionally, prophylactics may it is in stocked by in-store pharmacies in ~ Walmart. Many Walmart shop will sell a selection of branded prophylactics such as Trojan, Durex, and also Skyn in package of 10 or above. 

For additional information on exactly how to rapidly spot condoms at your local Walmart store, keep reading!

Use The Walmart application To find Condoms

If you’re tho facing an obstacle detecting the condoms, we recommend downloading and install the Walmart + app straight to her Android or apple smartphone.

Once downloaded, enter your Zip code to uncover your nearest Walmart and kind “condoms” right into the find bar.

If her selected Walmart has actually the important stock, the app will notify you of specifically which shelf and also aisle the prophylactics are stationed on.

The application is easily accessible on every handheld electronics via the app Store or Google Play; so you’ll have to log ~ above to your Walmart account to exploit the feature.

If the application isn’t for you, plenty of Walmart associates will be willing to assist you locate the condoms. 

Where Are condoms In grocery store Stores & Pharmacies?

In grocery store stores and also pharmacies such together Target, Walgreens, Meijer, Rite Aid, CVS Pharmacy, Coles, and also Kroger, condoms can generally be found in the men’s medical care aisle alongside deodorant and also men’s razors. Additionally, some stores may keep prophylactics in a locked cabinet behind the front counter.

What condoms Does Walmart Sell?

At Walmart, you’ll discover a huge selection that branded condoms such together Durex, Trojan, Skyn, Lifestyles, and Magnum.

There are plenty of design to select from v the alternative of Latex or Non-Latex condoms. On average, a standard fill of 10 condoms costs $6-$9, if a team of 24 expenses as little as $10.

If you choose buying in bulk, Walmart selling sampler packages include 90 prophylactics for simply $15.49. Access Walmart’s entire brochure of easily accessible condoms in ~ the Walmart website.

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