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Did you uncover a 1946 penny and also want to know its value?

There room still part 1946 pennies floating around in circulation.If she lucky enough to uncover one of these old, you’ll be glad to know that it’s worth much more than challenge value!But just just how much is your 1946 wheat coin worth? room old wheat pennies native 1946 precious hanging ~ above to?We’ll share all the crucial details on these old Lincoln cents, including:What a 1946 wheat coin is worth today.Whether or not a 1946 penny is a rare coin.Why the U.S. Mint made 1946 Lincoln cent from a really special copper alloy. 

What’s A 1946 penny Worth?

Those 1946 pennies are currently obsolete. Therefore, they’re collectible and worth an ext than confront value.Still, lock are relatively common in that millions were made. So, if you uncover a 1946 coin in pocket readjust or a financial institution roll, it’s likely to have much wear. Therefore, it will certainly be worth much less than one uncirculated 1946 penny.Below is a overview on the 1946 coin value, as well as mintage numbers — which call you specifically how many were made:1946 penny (no mintmark, make in Philadelphia) — 991,655,000 minted; precious 2 to 5+ cents1946-D penny (produced in Denver) — 315,690,000 minted; 3 come 5+ cents1946-S penny (struck in san Francisco) — 198,100,000 minted; 5 come 10+ cents1946-S S end D mintmark variety — unknown mintage; $10+*1946 penny values detailed above are for specimens carrying mean circulation undertake and complimentary of damages — such together holes, bends, or any signs that cleaning. Uncirculated 1946 pennies are worth much more than the values detailed here.  

Do You have actually A 1946-S Penny? Is The”S over D” penny Error precious Collecting?

Many Lincoln wheat pennies have proof of particular design or dice adjustments, and the 1946-S “S over D” overpunched mintmark variety is one together piece. It’s actually one of the an ext popular overpunched mintmark ranges in the Lincoln cent series.How was this error coin made?Apparently, a 1946 penny functioning die with a “D” mintmark from Denver was overpunched through the “S” mintmark for san Francisco, and also then this dice was put into operation.It’s basic to call if you have a 1946-S “S over D” penny by making use of a 5x magnifying glass.

You should have the ability to see traces the the “D” mintmark around the within of the “S.” In fact, the bottom serif the the “S” (the bulbous part of the S, or its large tail) ~ above the 1946 error coin will appear to be linked by a slim line come the middle component of the “S.”If you find a 1946-S “S over D” penny, you’ll be happy to recognize that it’s worth significantly an ext than face value.This 1946 overpunched mintmark error coin is worth about $10 in the reduced circulated grades and $100 or much more in uncirculated condition! 

1946 Pennies save A Special human being War II Alloy

The bronze alloy of your 1946 penny isn’t just ordinary copper!All 1946 wheat pennies contain a special blend the copper from recovered ammunition shell cases the were salvaged from joined States armed forces training grounds.

Why to be shell instances used to do pennies?It every goes ago to the one-time unpopularity the the 1943 stole pennies, which to be struck to ration copper because that the people War II effort.Many human being complained that the 1943 steel cents were as well easily puzzled with the dime. Others didn’t choose how easily the stole pennies rusted (as most of them ultimately did). Some folks merely missed dealing with copper pennies.Of course, numerous coin collectors this particular day think 1943 stole pennies room pretty neat, but back in the work steel cents were much more apt come be viewed as a nuisance. So, the U.S. Mint responded by returning to a copper-based ingredient in 1944. (Though some 1944 pennies were accidentally made from steel. This 1944 stole pennies are now very rare and also valuable!)1946 pennies mark the last year the the U.S. Mint make so-called shell case pennies.

Circulated shell situation pennies look about the exact same as simple copper wheat pennies. However, uncirculated shell case cents watch a tiny darker in color than their consistent bronze counterparts.The difference in color is brought about by the compositions that the shell instance pennies, i m sorry — unlike many wheat pennies — don’t contain any type of tin.The 1946 wheat penny contains the adhering to alloy:95% copper5% zincMeanwhile, many of the copper wheat cents are made from this composition:95% copper5% tin and zincYep, that’s a very tiny difference, or so the seems… however it walk to display how also just one slight adjustment in a coin’s metallic composition have the right to really make a difference in the means a coin looks!

Isn’t chemistry cool? 

What Else happened When her 1946 Penny to be Made?

The year 1946 to be busy! civilization War II was over, but the Cold battle was heater up between the Soviet Union and also the unified States. Meanwhile, earlier in the States, young couples rejoined after the battle were acquiring married, to buy homes, and having lots of youngsters — starting the “Baby Boomer” generation. Surely many Americans to be spending lots of shiny new 1946 pennies help to wake up a peacetime economy.Here’s what else taken place in 1946:The first official meetings the the United Nations (UN) were hosted in London. Also established were the United nations Educational, Scientific, and social Organization (UNESCO) and United Nations international Children’s Emergency money (UNICEF).In July, bikinis splash ~ above the summer fashion scene in Paris.Tupperware emerged, ensuring that food leftovers could go on to live another day — or numerous days!The very first Cannes movie Festival was hosted in France.The college of Pennsylvania presented the digital Numerical Integrator and also Computer, more famously abbreviated as ENIAC.The Roosevelt dime debuted, instead of the Mercury dime. The Roosevelt dime honors president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who died while serving as commander in cook in 1945 at the age of 63.Popular movies of 1946 contained It’s A exorbitant Life, Gilda, The ideal Years Of our Lives, The large Sleep, and also The Postman constantly Rings Twice.Top songs in 1946 to be “Five minute More” by frank Sinatra, “Oh! What It appeared to Be” by Frankie Carle, “The Gypsy” through The squid Spots, “You keep Coming ago Like A Song” through Dinah Shore, and “For Sentimental Reasons” through Nat King Cole. 

More Info about Old Pennies

In addition to the web links I’ve consisted of above, below are some other resources to assist you learn an ext about your 1946 wheat penny:

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JoshuaI"m the Coin Editor below at My love for started when ns was 11 years old. I primarily collect and also study U.S. developed during the 20th century. I"m a member the the American Numismatic association (ANA) and also the Numismatic literature Guild (NLG) and also have winner multiple awards indigenous the NLG because that my occupational as a coin journalist. I"m likewise the editor at the Florida united Numismatists club (FUN topics magazine), and also author of images of America: The United says Mint in Philadelphia (a book that explores the colorful history of the Philadelphia Mint). I"ve contributed hundreds of short articles for miscellaneous coin publications consisting of COINage, The Numismatist, Numismatic News, Coin Dealer Newsletter, Coin Values, and also CoinWeek. I"ve authored almost 1,000 posts here in ~ The fun Times overview to (many the them v over 50K shares), and also I welcome her coin inquiries in the comments below!

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