The allure of Reddit’s front page may be great, but reaching it is simpler said 보다 done. Here’s everything you have to consider prior to posting your videos.

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The Reddit neighborhood is as vast together it is fickle. Having actually a video of your creation climb throughout its various subreddits can garner hundreds of views, likes, and comments and also can turn also the many unassuming videos into viral hits. However, ~ above the flip side, the community is constructed to it is in an aggregator and also forum for found content, no shameless self-promotion — and also there are several built-in failsafes to store it that way.

Before we acquire into the recommended posting strategies and etiquette, let’s take a look at what makes Reddit unique.

Reddit by The Numbers


By Reddit’s very own metrics (featured above), the site averages practically one million unique page views a day. The site currently sits together the Alexa-ranked 24th most-visited website on the internet throughout the globe. However, regardless of its popularity, that still retains its close-knit aesthetics and serves more as a community bulletin board 보다 social media platform. This means, if you space looking to post your own videos, you’ll need to learn exactly how the ar works.

Understanding the Community

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This is in reality a bit of a misnomer  while Reddit as a entirety can be understood as a community (which that is), it is actually (and more accurately) a conglomeration of hundreds of thousands the smaller more specific, niche communities housed within.

If friend look from a front-page under perspective, it really is quite amazing how each individual neighborhood can be wholly unique, yet still retain so many of the exact same nuances that define the whole congregation.

Reddit entries are organized into locations of interest referred to as “subreddits.” Originally, the front page was the “main-reddit,” and other areas were “subreddits.” over there is now no longer a single main-reddit. Instead, there are currently 50 “default subreddits” dealing with topics such as books, television, and music, and also thousands of additional non-default subreddits. — from the Reddit Wikipedia page

Within the subreddits, you have the right to find areas organized by locale, professions, hobbies, and interests common and bizarre. Depending upon your inclinations, you “subscribe” to assorted subreddits and build her own distinct main-page and Reddit experience. For example, if you space interested in filmmaking and also videography, you deserve to subscribe come /r/filmmakers and /r/videography.

Finding subreddits in which you share interests and also knowledge is an important first step for you to make connections and start building your karma (more on that later).

Speaking the Language

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Reddit comments and also submissions are periodically abbreviated and also peppered with terms the are construed within (and in many cases also outside) the Reddit community, ranging from OP (for “original poster,” the user that posted the entry being comment upon) come NSFW (for “not safe for work”). — native the Reddit Wikipedia page

If girlfriend are fully unfamiliar through Reddit, you may want to invest some time browsing the former page and also various subreddits in i m sorry you might be interested to get a gist of how world post. However, to it is in extra helpful, the sugreddit /r/TheoryOfReddit has a partial glossary of countless of the terms and also acronyms.

Practicing Proper Reddiquette

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Along with expertise the communities and also speaking the language, it’s vital to learn and practice suitable etiquette (or reddiquette). Again, you’re in luck, as Redditors have actually compiled and also laid out a canonical list of “Please do” and “Please don’t” rules to follow.

With the ultimate goal of sharing your own videos together posted content, it’s vital to keep in mind the following:

Feel cost-free to write-up links come your own content (within reason). Yet if that’s all you ever before post, or it constantly seems to obtain voted down, take it a great hard look at in the winter — girlfriend just could be a spammer. A extensively used preeminence of thumb is the 9:1 ratio, i.e. Only 1 out of every 10 of her submissions should be your very own content.

The 9:1 ratio is the real kicker, and if you’ve tried to write-up your very own content prior to only to be down-voted and also possibly heckled, it’s the dominance that can conveniently get you right into trouble. I beg your pardon leads united state to how to protect against such problems.

Building her Karma

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Why must I shot to accumulate karma? Why should you try to score points in a video game? Why need to your favorite sporting activities team shot to win the championship? Or, come look at points from a much less competitive and an ext altruistic perspective, check out what philosophers have actually said about the matter — namely, don’t set out come accumulate karma; just collection out to be a great person, and let her karma just be a reminder of your legacy. Note: reddit makes no guarantees about attaining Nirvana. — Excerpt native Reddit FAQ

Despite how Reddit might attempt come soften it, “Karma” is the underlining money of the Reddit community and determines the success the a write-up by dictating just how high up it will be placed on any given page or post. The is also vital in for to your username and what/where friend are allowed to post and how her account will certainly be judged by others.

For example, come post in the hugely popular (and strict moderated) /r/videos subreddit, girlfriend must have actually a score the 10 link and 10 comment karma. If you try to post without accumulating, you’ll acquire this message.

Hello /u/username,

Thank girlfriend for her submission. Unfortunately your account does no have enough karma come submit points to /r/videos in ~ this time.

/r/videos calls for users to have a minimum the 10 connect and 10 comment karma. We indicate that friend comment in some popular threads and make submissions to various other subreddits to build up your karma and also then come back.

This is one of the failsafes to keep spammers and bots indigenous pestering the plank with links to unauthentic websites and posts. So, to develop your karma, you’ll have to go back to those smaller subreddits (like the ones mentioned before) come post and comment together you view fit.

Again, this isn’t supposed to deter you from share your job-related per se, it’s actually supposed to force you to engage and also share meaningfully within subreddits of her interest. You deserve to think of it as a cultivate grounds come practice and learn what types of posts and titles work finest for you.

What/When/Where to Post

Outside of share your own videos, you’ll want to post relevant links to pages, images, and also videos related to your various subreddits because that a while. While over there is no exact scientific research or formula behind what, when, and why details posts perform well and also earn good karma, over there will constantly be those that try. Here are some findings from blogger (and Redditor) Randy Olsen.

Where to Post


While this might seem obvious, it’s actually quite interesting. In general, posts ~ above the bigger subreddits receive much more upvotes than on the smaller sized ones. While communities will differ in exactly how supportive they may be, it comes under to a cross between a high relevancy/interest in a post and also perhaps pure luck. Also, if you’re shooting for the stars, the larger subreddits will certainly be exponentially an ext likely (or, conversely, less likely) to take it off based upon sheer volume potential.

When to Post


While Reddit has now end up being a global phenomenon, it still leans heavy toward its audience in the US and Europe. If you follow the trends, your finest windows because that posting would be ~ above weekdays for the early US crowds (7AM-8AM EST) and also avoiding nights and weekends. However, if you feeling you know your communities, certain “down-time” posts can come to be quite renowned as well.

What to Title your Post


Similarly spanned in the language and also reddiquette, titling her Reddit posts have the right to be paramount to its ultimate karma success. Together you deserve to see in words cloud above, while titling is endlessly diverse, there space some major themes which you have the right to tap into.

Posting her Video

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Once you’ve efficiently navigated Reddit for a while and built up your karma, you have to be able to post your very own videos and also unique content sparingly. Hopefully you will certainly by then fully understand the intricacies of act so, however the basics will remain the same because that posting a video.

Upload to Youtube

Yes, if you view fit, you deserve to host your video clip on various other sites like Vimeo or others, however the vast bulk of video clip content is shared on YouTube. In fact, from Randy Olsen’s same research, YouTube is in reality the number one connect domain mutual on Reddit through a pretty wide margin. If you’re serious about going viral and reaching the former page, YouTube would certainly be her safest bet.

Create her Post

Like the research above, the highest likelihood of your post taking off would lean in donate of posting on one of the significant subreddits. Few of the most trafficked suitable for video would be /r/funny, /r/science, and also obviously /r/videos. You can additionally view a realtime list of the top subreddits to find for the best one because that you.

Monitor your Post

Once your article is up and your video is the end there for the whole Reddit community come view, it have the right to be crucial for you come stay engaged to monitor and reply when necessary. This is not always the case, however in general reflects an excellent practice as a method to define (or probably justify) what it is girlfriend posted and also why friend think that is that interest.

Things to Consider

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Posting to Reddit can be quite intimidating because that those who have not been energetic and immersed in ~ the ar for numerous years. Although posts seem to walk viral the end of the blue, that really relies on the climate, quality of the content, and also many elements that right location at the ideal time-ness. Quick of picking the brain of the 234 million distinctive monthly users, right here are some things to consider.

Why is your video interesting?Who is the for?Why could it it is in successful?

And finally…

Why walk it should be a video?

If that doesn’t seem to be of value or attention to others, or should be presented as a video clip format altogether, why not consider share the content as an image or GIF?

Hopefully, because that those first time Redditors or sometimes lurkers, this will certainly be a useful guide for building your karma and also creating positive-karma creating posts. If anything, it will encourage girlfriend to become more engaged with her communities and explore the site, which have the right to be rather entertaining and also informative (if no a finish time suck) relocating forward.

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Tl;DR: Reddit isn’t supposed for you come shamelessly plug your videos. However, if you care enough to join the communities and also contribute to various subreddits in i m sorry you are knowledgeable, you can occasionally share projects the you space passionate around and hope they may be perhaps rewarded v upvotes.

How have actually your Reddit write-ups faired? Have any additional tips? allow us recognize in the comments!