How To gain Away with Murder began out Season 3 with a large reveal — someone was going to die. Of course, it wasn"t claimed who it would be, yet every week, viewers have actually gotten more information ~ above who died on HTGAWM after Annalise’s big, beautiful victorian went increase in flames, and also slowly, ever before so slowly, I’ve to be making my own guesses for that is under the paper on how To gain Away with Murder.

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I love the means that this has actually been revealed, actually — every week, one an ext person has actually been presented alive top top the screen. We know that it’s no Laurel, it’s not Bonnie, it’s not Annalise, and also it’s no Oliver. That course, just how To obtain Away with Murder might up and run on its initial premise, however I nothing think it is going come happen. The last tidbit of details that viewers obtained was the the dead body in the Keating house was a man. The narrows under the perform considerably, no it? We understand that Laurel (who was discovered in the home alive and also pregnant, but that’s one more story) will most likely live to see another day, and so will Michaela. Until Season 4, in ~ least, when Annalise might kill every one of her associates in a blind rage, because really, would you placed it past her?

Anyway, over there are only a couple of options top top who might be under the sheet at Annalise’s house. Let’s weigh the odds each character will certainly go approximately that big law great in the sky, shall we?

Wes — 70 Percent opportunity Of Death

Honestly, my money is top top Wes. The hasn’t yes, really done anything this season. Season 2 was usually all around Wes and also his parentage, and now that that’s end with, he’s dating Meggie (yes, that’s her name) and also skulking approximately like usual. Eliminating Wes from how To gain Away v Murder, in my eyes, would include to the show. In Annalise’s eyes, she would certainly be devastated. Ns think she looks in ~ Wes together her surrogate son, and she might never pardon herself for his death.

Frank — 50 Percent opportunity Of Death

Frank is the death-cheater that Annalise’s associates. He’s additionally a struggle man, for this reason he knows exactly how to grab fatality by the throat and also dispose of it carefully. Ns mean, Annalise hired someone to death him, and also so Frank eliminated that guy instead. Frank is the vulnerable, gently bearded lining Norris of just how To acquire Away with Murder. Also, currently that Laurel is pregnant and I assume the infant is Frank’s (I have actually no ideas regarding who rather she might have been resting with), I would hope that the show might keep him alive for Laurel’s sake. And Bonnie’s, too, because they likewise just hooked up. Awkward. Or, the show could kill him and also throw every one of that into the air. Could go one of two people way.

Connor — 40 Percent possibility Of Death

I’m no really sure that Connor’s fatality would push just how To get Away with Murder in any certain direction, but I can see exactly how it would affect Oliver. Connor and Oliver just broke up and Connor is regulating his ache by resting with a many college guys. Oliver is pouring himself right into his work-related with Annalise. If Oliver had anything to carry out with the fire and Connor died, he’d it is in a mess. If Annalise had something to perform with the fire and also Connor died, Oliver most likely wouldn’t be over revenge. He is a component of the team currently — the an initiation.

Asher — 20 Percent opportunity Of Death

Asher may have actually done some bad things in the past, but between working for Annalise and dating (or whatever) Bonnie, ns think he is reforming. He provided to it is in a stupid frat boy, and also now, he’s growing into a man. He’s also the only comic relief ~ above the show, and also we require him. Asher’s fatality doesn’t breakthrough the plot, for this reason he stays.

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Who will certainly die on just how To acquire Away v Murder? fine just need to wait a few more main to uncover out.