A good sound system can take her listening and also viewing suffer to the next level. Upgrading your subwoofer is necessary to attain this but it deserve to be challenging if you are on a tight budget. 

Our sound professionals did the legwork to perform these budget-friendly tips and also tricks on just how to get more bass out of her subwoofer.

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Here are the tried and also tested ways our engineers swear by to produce the optimum low-frequency sound indigenous your high quality subwoofer: 

Subwoofer placement can greatly affect the bass sound quality. Where you place it will play a an important role in exactly how the waves travel and also how will certainly it affect general bass performance. 

When setup up in your house theater, our specialists suggest to properly place the subwoofer in the edge of the room. This will boost the volume that the base sounds. 

To enhance the sound further, we recommend put it in between the two main speakers, around 8 to 12 inches dealing with away indigenous the wall, which will an outcome in a much clean bass.


If friend are setting up a auto subwoofer, that is ideal to location your vehicle audio mechanism in the trunk as this is the part with large space because that storage. Placing that in her trunk will not impact the auto bass performance as sounds have the right to permeate surfaces. 

Remember no to place the sub dealing with other auto speakers as it will not provide you your preferred bass however instead a muddy sound. You might need come move about your sub in your trunk to achieve the ideal sound. 

A committed subwoofer amplifier can additionally greatly improve the sound system. Active subwoofers have actually their very own amplifier installed so they room used typically in a solitary subwoofer configuration. In this case, its position considerably affects the sound quality. 

Passive subwoofers, top top the other hand, require multichannel amp, an ext power, and connections native multiple subs in order come achieve more bass. 

Subwoofer enclosures are meant to develop a much better bass response. They have to be made of high-quality materials in order to produce an effective bass. 


There space two species of subwoofer enclosures: the ported enclosure and the sealed enclosure. 

Ported models enable for larger and an ext powerful bass, while sealed ones permit for much more accurate and also perfect bass performance. A sealed sub is frequently used because that compact an are as over there is much less area that demands to it is in filled v bass.

When producing the subwoofer crate on her own, girlfriend can include ports or adjust the enclosure dimension in order to attain the high quality sound the you prefer. A guideline is to do a big subwoofer crate for huge room spaces. 

Another cheat our experts suggest is come buy aftermarket speakers and use the enclosure for her sub. Affix the below to the enclosure and fill the remaining room with pillow stuffing. 


This will enable the sound tide to pass v the stuffing. This technique will affect bass power for the far better as much less air is moving within the box. 

Crossovers are meant to different the audio input into various outputs depending on frequency. These frequencies space then delivered to their particular speaker. Low variety frequencies are delivered to the sub, while greater range goes come the tweeter. 

Crossovers room meant to stop improper frequency an answer in order to deliver the right frequency to every speaker driver. 

In stimulate to boost bass quality, you have to fine tune the subwoofer’s crossover frequency. The crossover frequency is the frequency whereby your subwoofer starts to role off bass notes. 

To change the crossover frequency the your home sound system, you have to identify the key speaker’s frequency range. Normally, they have actually a variety of 80Hz come 200Hz. Then collection the subwoofer’s crossover frequency about 10Hz greater than your main speakers. 


This setting will instruct her subwoofer to role off when there is one audio frequency of reduced than 90Hz and also the main speaker to roll off as soon as the audio frequency yielded is higher than 80Hz. 

When adjusting your automobile stereo, recognize the speaker’s lowest frequency range. Then, prefer in the house audio setting, collection the subwoofer crossover frequency 10 Hz higher than the of the car’s stock speakers. 

This will greatly improve her system’s sound high quality as it will certainly no longer create muddy and also distorted sounds. 

The finest audio device comes through a harmonized sound output from every the speaker in the system. A fine-tuned phase control will permit all the speakers to create sounds in ~ the exact same time. 

The phase switch that subwoofers is uncovered on one of two people bottom or ~ above the side. In adjusting the phase switch, you need to have an excellent ears for listening come the sounds. Fine-tuning that just requires switching native 0 come 180, whichever setup sounds better. 


Adjusting the stereotype audio equalizer can greatly improve your listening experience. However, this is one of the many labor-intensive and time-consuming processes to get an ext bass from her subwoofer. 

There is no perfect equalizer setting, and also it changes based on the listener’s an individual preference. However, once adjusting the equalizer bass settings, psychic to change it gradually using little increments and listening intently to determine the setup that you want. 

The low happen filter can likewise be adjusted together with the equalizer setups in bespeak to attain a powerful bass. 

Another adjustment you have the right to do to have actually a far better listening suffer is come tweak the subwoofer’s bass volume. As with the equalizer settings, there are no perfect bass volume levels together it is dependent on the listener’s preferences.

To help you properly readjust the volume properly, try to rotate the bass volume come the lowest level till you can no longer hear the bass. Then progressively turn up the volume until your desired settings. 

As stated earlier, the would help to play a track with bass-heavy sound that will be sufficient to hear the minor distinctions in the volume that the subwoofer. 

This is one trick the is often overlooked once trying to enhance the sound system. Wires are an extremely important as it is wherein the audio signal travel. 

If the speak wires are loose or connected improperly, then it will impact the base performance. It may produce distorted sound or even cause electrical damages. Hence, the is really important to inspect the wires and also connections. 

High-quality materials add to the excellent bass created for subwoofers. In order to get much more bass from her subwoofers, choosing the finest quality the wires and also connectors is a must. 

Wires that space made that 100% copper room recommended for your subwoofers as they have very an excellent conductivity and also can be bent easily. 

However, if friend are looking for the cheapest way to connect your speakers, then utilizing copper-plated or copper-clad aluminum wire is your answer. This will still provide an excellent sound quality. 

Aside indigenous adjusting the setups of your subwoofers, girlfriend can also check and also enhance the high quality of the audio record in order come have better and much more output. Poor quality audio files will transfer negative audio signal which result in muddy sounds. 

Some listeners look for the powerful bass also when they are far from their subwoofer. Making use of a subwoofer horn can help you accomplish it. This will enhance the interaction of the speaker and also the air close to it. 

Subwoofer horns increase the top quality of base by directing the sound to the ar of the listener. Hence, also when farther from the sound source, you have the right to still feel the soot of the bass. 

However, subwoofer horns may likewise distort audio quality because of air resistance. Making certain that no too lot wind enters and pushes versus the horn’s surface will to decrease the distortion that the sound comes from the subs. 

Low-frequency sounds need much more power come be produced than those that the greater frequencies. This is why it is very important that the subwoofer draw enough power. If the strength is no enough, then it might not have the ability to properly rise bass tones. 

An unreliable power resource will also cause electric malfunctions i m sorry can reason damage not just to your subwoofer however to all various other parts of your audio system. A voltage protector <1> deserve to be used to avoid voltage spikes that can damages electronic equipment. 

Aside from the tips and tricks stated above, friend should also check various other settings the can affect bass performance. This consists of identifying electrical resistance, gain volume, and also connection to various other drivers. 

If all the tips mentioned over do not gain you your wanted output, or if you don’t have any kind of spare time come tweak her subwoofer to achieve that excellent bass, then buying brand-new speakers of greater quality can be the next best option.

To make certain my subwoofer access time harder, change its location, step control, crossover, and equalizer settings. Using high-quality wires and subwoofer cones can additionally produce an ext bass which will certainly then have actually harder hits. 

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To get the many of her subwoofer, you need to ensure that the equalizer and crossover settings are set to your optimum position. Aside from that, the volume, power source, and position should be improved. Lastly, enhancers prefer subwoofer horns and high-quality wires can be used. 

Our experts suggest the following tips on exactly how to get more bass out of her subwoofer. These incorporate placing the subwoofer in a suitable location, inputting sufficient power, identify the best crossover and equalizer settings. 

Another is using subwoofer horns, playing high-quality audio files, and making certain that wires are correctly connected, amongst others, we shared on this list.