So I'm very brand-new to woodworking and also have been lurking this sub a ton recently. It seems that every professional grade project requires using an electric planer to do all the lumber flat and also uniform. I understand that hand planets are also an extremely useful but time consuming. My monitoring is it seems people use electric planers to airplane every solitary piece of the project prior to assembly conversely, hand planers are used at a later state prefer finishing a table made of joined wood. Is over there any means I deserve to easily plane each the the piece to my project without personally hand planing them? This might not be clean so feel totally free to ask any type of clarification questions. Thanks!


It seems that every expert grade project requires using an electric planer to make all the hardwood flat

No. A planer won't execute that

and uniform


Let's take it a step back and attend to the tool by it's complete name

Thickness Planer

It is offered to lug a piece of timber to a uniform thickness. It will not flatten wood. That is the job of a jointer. In turn, a jointer will certainly not uniformly thickness a piece of wood

I use hand planes rather of a jointer, but I thickness lumber in a planer. Why? since thicknessing through hand SUCKS, but jointing by hand is an extremely trivial. It's feasible to thickness through hand planes, and not even all that difficult. However It's extremely time and labor intensive.

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You space asking if girlfriend can aircraft every work-piece without an electric planer however you don't desire to do it by hand.

You might buy your lumber at the specific size you need and dressed or Planed-All-Round yet it's obviously much more expensive than buying unstable sawn timber and dressing the yourself.

Right, I know it seems choose a rather silly question. I am simply trying to discover the most time effective and also accurate method to aircraft each individual work-related piece without an electrical planer. I have actually a router and have seen few of the jigs people created using them yet it appears to it is in overkill for say planing a 4x4 to usage as a coffee table leg

It is possible to carry out fine work without a planer. You have the right to buy lumber that's predimensioned, although it is much more expensive than rough cut lumber. You're really paying for convenience, and not having actually to mill it all yourself, along with all the equipment and therefore prices that the process requires. Although after ~ going through sufficient rough reduced lumber, at some point that gear does pay because that itself in terms of just how much friend save when buying wood.

If you're making smaller pieces like boxes and also whatnot, it's entirely feasible come buy S4S lumber (surfaced 4 sides) because that a project and also not have to issue about significant milling prefer you'd execute with a powered planer. This is listed that the lumber hasn't cupped, twisted, or otherwise warped since it was milled. And also even if it has, if the piece is reduced into smaller sized sections, the deformations will certainly be less severe. At the point, hand planing deserve to take care of the young flattening.

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But if you're maybe to gain perfectly level lumber, it's feasible that friend won't need to do any type of serious thickness planing at all (electric or otherwise), simply go straight into sanding or using a carefully set smoothing aircraft to obtain the surface complete ready.